7/1/2007 - It's Sunday
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This means that maybe all the negative for the week is behind me and I can move on to a way better time. I am gonna see about the kids coming home today and then they are suppose to go see Grammy next week (but not until like Saturday). I get to do nothing but hang out with them and see what kind of a good time we can have together. It is gonna be so super great.
Then there is the fireworks for next week!!! We all know what kind of great fun that will be. I am excited. Last year on the fourth the guy I was seeing fell into a bonfire and I was sure I was gonna have to stay with him forever. Ok sounded a little mean but I don't mean it that way. I was just in the middle of breaking up with him when he hurt himself and ya can't break up with someone as soon as they got hurt. (For those who don't know, the assigned time to stay is six weeks. I made it three and am incredibly proud of myself because I wasn't sure I would even make it that.) So hopefully a better fourth is coming around this year. We can all hope for the best and keep it moving.
The good news I woke up this morning with enough of the depression lifted that I managed to get outta bed. Maybe it is slowly fading and I can find or way back to a good time. We shall see where the day takes us for sure.
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