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The Scheme 5 October 2005

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Since none of you will read this until I am actually back in the US, this is going to be some entertainment for me and I hope for you.

Things with Karlen are going fantastically.  As you will probably know by now.  Hopefully by now you will even have met him.  And then you can picture the two of us scheming and making plans...

We are going to America.  How exciting.  Actually, at the moment I am waiting at home on pins and needles until he gets home from the Gap, where he works.  He is sick of it, but I think who wouldn't want to be surrounded by all those beautiful clothes all days.  Anyway...we're coming to America. 

How did it all come about.... Well, some might call it luck and some might call it Divine providence, I don't know what I call it, but it's pretty cool whatever.  I forget as an American, the blessed of the world, that it is difficult for some people to travel into America.  But Karlen, here is where the luck comes in, has a pension for travel, and for some reason a couple of years ago got a 5 year travel visa to the US.  Basically, he can come and go until 2008.  Well that makes it pretty convenient because now he has an American girlfriend who demands visits when possible.  You all know that I can be demanding.  :-)  And because he is so smitten with me, he agrees that we must visit.  (Watch out, my next big trip is definitely going to be to South Africa!)  Anyway, basically the last couple of weeks we both have been lamenting our stay here in London.  I miss my friend Michelle who has gone back to Australia terribly, the weather sucks, I'm broke and I don't want to get another job here because I know that then I will be working full time and still be broke.  My lease runs out the end of October.  Karlen feels the same.  He hates working at the Gap (again, not sure why, but you know, no one is perfect :-)).  Every day he wants to call in sick (take a sickie as they say in London). 

In the meantime, we are just hanging out until the end of November when Karlen has booked his return flight to South Africa and we're making plans for him to come and visit at the end of December through Janurary.  He begins law school again in February.  All of a sudden he turns to me and says, "What are we doing, let's just go back to America now."  What a crazy idea!  My sister is coming in two weeks.  But wait, my lease runs out at the end of October, I haven't renewed.  Why stay?  To spend time together.  Neither of us wants to be in London any longer, we can be together in Minnesota for awhile just as well as here. 

So it begins...

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11:49 AM - 10/5/2005

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