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23 June 2005, Thursday

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I was offered a job today.  Actually, I was offered on yesterday but it was only for two weeks temping at £7.50 an hour, and I knew that I had other options coming up.  My actual job is as a Researcher for a Head Hunting company in downtown London.  Eeek.  I'm so excited, I'll be making £9 an hour, which I can definitely live off of.  Not so much else to report.  I've just been interviewing Tuesday, Wednesday and this morning, and I was offered this job today and it seemed like a good fit and my new boss, Niel is pretty flexible about travel and other things so it's going to be nice I think. 

So after this morning I went with a couple of my new London friends (Matt and Ryan - Australian and Canadian in that order) to a park just to hang out, threw around the frisbee a little bit and just chatted.  Then we stopped at a pub with outdoor tables for a beer and dinner.  Lovely afternoon.  
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4:34 PM - 6/23/2005


Joyce just talked to Dan a few minutes ago and found out about the job--That's fantastic! Thirty hours a week sounds great, especially for having some time to whatever you want, including getting lost in the streets.

ChanMy and Dan will be coming home over the Fourth, so the five (Larisa too) of us will be going to the cabin for the day.

We will have a good time, but also will be thinking about you and your adventure!!

We will check in again soon Kari.


Doug and Joyce

Doug and Joyce - 10:25 PM - 6/23/2005

Untitled Comment

Awww Kar, sounds like so much fun! I can totally imagine you going to a pub and then the park. Which park? So jealous! Not much going on here- Mike and I are taking dancing lessons (learned how to tango last night) and went to see a play on the showboat near the U. Mom and I are going to Chicago for the weekend of the 4th. And last night Cat, G, Hal, and I went to Annie's Parlour for malts and sat outside. We realized we left a space open at our table for you, it was pretty funny. Miss ya! Luff Cait

Cait - 12:24 PM - 6/24/2005


Congrats, Kari, on landing a new job....I'm quite excited for you, and it sounds like you'll be having a good time with it!!! Hope everything is going great for you!! Not too much excitement here...I've had a few interviews and actually turned one job done-not a good fit, to say the very least!!!

Anyway, have fun (but not TOO much fun)!!!



Anonymous - 3:01 PM - 6/25/2005

Congrats again!

Congrats again on the job-snagging, little Kare! That's SNAGGING, not SNOGGING! Be careful with those Canadians and Australians! : ) It was so fun to talk to you on the phone the other day and simply wild that you were actually at the British Museum the moment I called. That's so awesome. Did you get to see the works of Shakespeare? If not, you have to go back and check them out for me! I was a dolt and missed them when I was there 4 years ago. Argh. Anyway, things are going well, though we miss you! Hope all's well! Love ya! ~Hallie

Anonymous - 11:48 PM - 6/25/2005

Yay for jobs!

Woohoo! Way to land a job! Glad to hear things are going so well- every time I read this I get more excited to come! Only 4.5 more weeks! Can't wait to hear about it all and come join in the fun! Take care!



Anonymous - 11:57 PM - 6/25/2005


Kari- That is awesome. I am so excited to come too!!! Less than 2.5 months for me. It is encouraging to hear of all your success, makes me less worried about a job. 9.5 an hour WOW!! I cannot wait to hear more.


Adam - 4:51 PM - 6/28/2005

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