8/16/2016 - Basketball shoes you should know
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Today I will show you the Sneakers You Need To Know .The '70s was really the decade that introduced the modern sneaker. And while it may not have produced quite as many memorable sneakers as the '80s or the '90s, there are still a number of silhouettes from the '70s that still stand as giants today. So check out 20 '70s Sneakers You Need To Know, anddon't forget where it all started rayban Adidas Stan Smith he leather tennis sneaker that would become the Stan Smith was actually introduced in 1965 as the signature shoe of Robert Haillet, a French professional who wouldn't be remembered much at all. In 1971 it was re-named for Stan Smith (which is bizarre in itself — imagine if the Air Jordan had started life as the Air Moncrief) and its lifespan truly began. Today the shoe is even more well-known than the player whose name it bears, which is saying a lot. cheap basketball shoes sale The first "modern" running shoe, the Nike Cortez represented all that Bill Bowerman brought to the table as an inveterate tinkerer. That foam wedge in the heel provided added cushioning and promoted a heelstrike running motion, which Bowerman thought would make runners faster by increasing the length of their stride. The running science hasn't held up, but the shoe certainly has Nike's first basketball shoe was a lowtop, which may come as news to those who think the basketball low started with Kobe Bryant. Named after UCLA's famed team, the Bruin saw more action in the NBA than in college. At least at first. From humble beginnings come great things. Such was the story with the Nike Tailwind, the first Nike shoe to feature Nike's new Air technology. Debuting at December's Honolulu Marathon, the Tailwind would find its way to stores in 1979, starting what would eventually be no less than a full-fledged Revolution cheap basketball sneakers online Adidas Top TenThe "Top Ten" name was a bit disingenous, seeing that it consisted of Doug Collins, Marques Johnson, Kermit Washington, Adrian Dantley, Bob Lanier, Bobby Jones, Billy Knight, Sidney Wicks, Mitch Kupchak and Kevin Grevey. Only two of them, Johnson and Lanier, were selected to play in the 1979 NBA All-Star Game. But no matter the name, the shoe itself, designed with the input of Rick Barry, ushered in the concept of the high-tech basketball shoe that would dominate the next decade.
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