10/15/2016 - Brand basketball sport shoes
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With the progress of science and technology, the development of the society, people living standard rise, more and more high demand for material. The recent Rio Olympics, you see? Did you watch the basketball match, each kind of familiar star, see them flying in the basketball court? Did you see lebron James shoes, how domineering. basketball sneakers online But, a lot of people buy basketball shoes will have a lot of problems, for example, some cheap NBA basketball shoes grinding to the foot. We talk about the benefits of the Nike shoes: NIKE sports people which I don't know? NIKE shoes is Air cushion, the characteristics of NIKE Air cushion: there are five kinds of basic form Air sole, Zoom Air, Air Max, Total Air and Tuned Air. This among them, the Tuned Air basic it's hard to see now. Air sole: NIKE Air cushion technology developed by the first, the principle is adopted high pressure gas injection will be a tough synthetic rubber layer, and the filling the gas processing within the rubber layer, make it can't through the outer rubber layer. Air - sole in shock ability, stable performance and response speed performance is relatively balanced, Air cushion is a kind of "the doctrine of the mean". [I have a few this kind of Air cushion basketball shoes, features: hard at the beginning, the more through comfortable. New shoes with Chris Paul is the sole lebron james Zoom air NIKE's official website interpreted as impact cushion. Is very thin, make feet closer to the ground, improve stability. At the same time of providing shock also give enough elasticity, personally think than Max air softer, more comfortable, more suitable for the weight is not big, starting fast perimeter player. Max air: for U at first, after the development for the airtight chamber air Max2, as well as the shape of tracheal Tube Max air. It has more range, multiple pressure, low pressure area 5 psi pressure, high pressure of 25 psi. The Max air shock ability is very strong, can offer appropriate protection for your feet and knee, but the price is lose move. More for post player. cheap kevin durant Total air: a big MAC air cushion, can be seen as Max air enhanced, the capacity and distribution of air cushion area is larger, dotted with palm, and Max air performance. Used for running shoes, more versatile shoes, basketball shoes inside. After yao Ming entered the NBA in the last pair of NIKE shoes is to use this technology, shoes called air Uptempo Ultramaitc. Tuned air: adjustable air cushion, air cushion surface visible half spherical frame structure, is used to adjust at any time in the human body movement balance. Basic it's hard to see now Jordans and mechanical damping technology: NIKE SHOX, I.P.S: dedicated exclusively to NIKE Air Jordan XX to develop a new damping technology, with 20 pieces of density, thickness, size and location of different Phylon material are relatively independent and organic with columnar. All these problems, because of basketball shoes cause of bad, so, a lot of people like to buy shoes australia.
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