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3/12/2013 - Have You Heard Of These 4 Different Types Of Fetishes?
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Have You Heard Of These 4 Different Types Of Fetishes?



Sex is normally a very complex issue for many people. However, it does not necessarily need to be so. For instance, most people think that fetishes are weird, and that if you have one then you may be a sexual misfit. However, most fetishes are merely a reflection of an individual’s sexual desires. Of course, a number of them may be harmful, but majority of them are very harmless and some are actually interesting.


One of the questions you may be asking yourself is why you would want to learn more about fetishes. This normally comes into play when you are looking for a way to spice up your sex life. For instance, if you are a married woman and are looking for a way to put some excitement back in your sex life, one of the ways of doing this would be to find out what fetishes your husband has, and then use this as a way to improve the quality of your sex life. When you think about it lightly, you may assume that this will only serve to please your husband based on this description. However, the fact of the matter is that there are times when you may also benefit from this as well. For instance, after you have found out the fetish that your husband has, you may also find it arousing to act it out. Some of the most common fetishes that people have and which you may need to be familiar with include:


Shoe fetishes


There are some people who are normally very excited about the kinds of shoes that a woman wears. However, this does not mean that any kind of shoe will do. Most of the time, the shoes in questions are ones that cast the wearer in sexy light, such as high heels. In order to excite someone who has this kind of fetish, you would need to find shoes that are designed to be of very high quality, and which make you look sexy. In fact, you can go shopping with them to find such shoes.

Fishnet stocking fetishes


Of course, most men are usually excited by this kind of clothing. However, this effect is normally very intense in a few people, to the point of it being a fetish as opposed to a normal reaction to sexy clothing. The kinds of clothing that can cause this effect include fishnets, sheer clothing as well as all other kinds of lingerie. Once again, in order for them to have this effect, they normally have to be of very high quality and also well fitting. This means that when you realize that your partner has this fetish and go shopping for such clothing, you would need to make sure that you are careful so as not to end up with clothing that may possibly have the opposite effect.


Foot fetishes


This is the most common kind of fetishism in the world. It basically involves people being sexually aroused by others’ feet. When you realize that your partner has this kind of fetish, it may be a good idea to take extra care of your feet, since this means that they will definitely end up having an enhanced effect on them. Fortunately, this is not very difficult to do. You can always try to do things such as keeping your feet clean and also making sure that you trim your nails properly in order for this to happen. Additionally, you can try out some kinds of clothing that may show off your feet, such as wearing sheer stockings.


Skirt Fetishes


There are some people who are also very attracted by different kinds of skirts. For instance, there are those that are very attracted to women wearing short skirts, and others prefer tight long ones. In addition to that, there are some that also have a fetish for the kind of material these kinds of clothing are made of. For instance, some of them will be very excited about skirts that are made out of materials such as leather, while others will be more interested in ones that are made of a softer material.


How can you find out which fetish your loved one enjoy?


The above are just some of the many fetishes that people have these days. However, if you are thinking of using them as leverage when spicing up your sex life, your first agenda would be to find out which fetish your loved one has. There are many ways of doing this. Of course, you could simply be straightforward and ask them about it. Most people will give you this information, especially if they are very comfortable around you.


If you find it difficult to do this, you can use another approach to find out more about it. For instance, you could try out different outfits and then observe how your partner behaves. When you notice them paying more attention to you when you are wearing a particular piece of clothing, you can assume that they have some kind of fetish for that, and you can then try and capitalize on this to make your sex life more interesting.


If they have a fetish for a body part, you can also figure this out by simply observing how they treat different parts of your body. If you notice that they pay attention to a part of your body that is normally not associated with sensuality, then you can assume that they have a fetish for that part of the body. However, this is not a hard and fast rule; there are many cases where this is not the case.


The above are just a few of the common fetishes out there, and also how you can turn them into ways of making your sex life more exciting. As you can see, these kinds of things are not very strange, and very many people have them. Instead of treating them like something to be ashamed of, you can always use them in the manner described above, as long as they are not harmful to any one of you.


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