10/24/2016 - MAD Gaze is the best AR smart glass in 2016
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Mad gaze
Google Glass offers quite a bit to make available which is precisely why this gadget becomes so popular worldwide. The options and capacities of this gadget is unmatched by any other device. While it's still time before gadget is introduced everywhere accross the planet, yet it's already doing wonders in your everyday living of the users.

google glass

It's a comfortable, lightweight and hands-free treatment for a smartphone. It utilizes the internet access of the smartphone via Bluetooth and it has got a GPS chip to assistance with navigation. Google Glass incorporates latest Google updates and may be regarded as as a future-proof device. Following are a handful of great examples of how this gadget can enrich our lives.

Organizing Busy Schedules
The latest technology updates integrated online Glass helps it be a much more wise and powerful assistant than Apple's Siri and other alternatives. The improved voice commands, schedule reminders, event and calendars profit the users to arrange their day-to-day tasks within a much more simplified manner. With the aid of just a couple of voice commands, users can plan their daily be employed in a lot better way.

Health Monitoring
You can track your movement using the in-built GPS chip according to sophisticated updates. With the health related apps or external tracking monitor an individual is able to keep and track the performance of speed, heart rate, pace and other vital components. By just wearing this device, users is able to keep themselves updated in regards to the calorie consumption and burnout, that can help them greatly in monitoring their health and looking after cook.

Usage of Live Information
You can get vital information once you demand it using Google Glass. Whether you would like movie listings, maps, latest Google updates or flight timings, Google Glass offers you real-time information. Thus, you need not find your pocket to secure your smartphone repeatedly to watch out for information.

Benefit Education
Once the Google Glass turns into a hit, it is going to revolutionize the training system altogether. It will help you to make presentations, seek real-time information on the internet and mail assignments. The advisable thing is it will also be capable to record tutorials with ease in places where cellular phones are not allowed.

As time will pass new technology updates arrive with this great device. Google is also investing a lot inside the research and development of Glass and supplying the latest Google updates in order that it gets to be a revolutionized product.

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