1/19/2012 - Don’t write for your own, write for other people, will make you a writer
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Writer don’t write for oneself, they ever write for others because write don’t want to read their own writings, they want the world to show their writing and share their experience. Some people say that writing is an art, but this is not any kind of art, anybody can write without anybody’s help. Before getting started, you should know some important parts of writing. Writing is the soul of the writer when they write they don’t think that anybody and they don’t even expect they anybody will read his article or writing.


Before start writing, you should careful about some important things. There should be minimum 2 to 3 paragraph in one writing or article. The article or writing should Described correctly. First choose a theme and write only on the same theme. In starting you language will not be good as the writer, but don’t worry about it, it will improve day by day. Choose a title which suit your content or write content on your selected title. Don’t repeat any word like again and again. Write the article or writing as clearly so that the reader could understand what you actually want to say through article or writing.


Title – Choose a title on which you could write. Choose a very simple or unique title for your writing and article. This is the best way to make your article unique.


Paragraph – Before adding a new paragraph, complete the last paragraph. Two paragraph means there are one theme and two parts of that theme. Paragraph can be longer or shorter. Paragraph is a break in your article or writing.


Content – Use only those words in your writing which you know better. Don’t use those words which you don’t use and you don’t the meaning of such words. Describe your article in short lines, Short paragraph. Don’t write article below 250 words. Ever try not to write short article below 200 words.

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