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    1/13/2006 - Tempus Kept On Fugiting
    Posted in Unspecified

    Several months ago I got so fed up with the media that I stopped watching Cable News. Did it cold turkey too. Not even a sneak peek at Chris Matthews or an occasional brief respite with Imus or O'Reilly. Just cut 'em right out of my daily schdule. I thought it would be tough and I'd mind. I didn't.

    In fact, it was pretty nice NOT hearing my daily dose of gloom, doom, disinformation, and exaggeration. I turned on the soap channel and settled for mind rot.

    And then Mrs Alito cried at her husband's senate confirmation hearings, I saw a headline about it at my isp's address, and there went my resolve to keep my nose out of anything politic. I turned on C-Span and settled in for hours and hours of the purest form of unadulterated rubbish I've seen in while. I mean this stuff beat out All My Children and Days Of Our Lives, and that's nuthin' to sneeze at.

    Last night, in a very weak moment, and also because I had no idea who was on the schedule at that time, I tuned into MSNBC. BIG mistake. There in front of God and everybody was Rita Cosby and her breathy, husky, addenoidal, irritating voice talking with Natalee Holloway's mother.  The good news is that Jug Twitty wasn't with her. The bad news is that the media is still milking every last drop of unpasteurized dribbles out of this story.

    According to Rita and Beth, the Van der Sloots are going to appear in an Aruba court today to sue for damages from the Aruban government because of their combined arrests in the Holloway case. Rita and Beth are incensed. The good news is that with the acquisition of better equipment, diving will resume to recover Natalee's body. Word is that Natalee was put into a fish trap and lowered into very deep water. Divers are going to try to recover the trap in their renewed continuation  of the search.

    I don't want to throw a wet blanket on the blame game the media has nurtured toward Aruba and the Van der Sloot's, but I do wonder if anyone got the message through all of this turmoil over Natalee's disappearance that setting a bunch of high school seniors loose on foreign soil so they can drink themselves silly and cavort on moonlit beaches is a really, REALLY bad idea. It seems to me to come down to one very important fact: Show me a responsible 18 year old with high intelligence scores and a glowing future on the horizon and I'll show you Natalee Holloway. No wait... I can't because while she fit the perfect profile, she's gone.
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    1/19/2006 - About the news...
    Posted by Anonymous
    I couldn't agree more. Months back, I stopped watching, also, cold-turkey. Suddenly one morning after waking up from the strangest dream in a while, I realized that watching the gloom & doom each night before bed wasn't actually a healthy thing to do. I'll wait until the news either A) isn't so full of hyped up drama based on incorrectly gathered "facts", or B) they start reporting good news at least 50% of the time. Until then, I'll keep missing Johnny Carson and sleep well. Cheers to you! Diana

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