8/12/2016 - A Simple Analysis Of Effortless Athearn Trains Strategies
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Athearn trains

Professional Guidance On Clear-cut Athearn trains Systems

Trouble for model trains - SFGate

"If we're going to protect our logo, we have to protect it," said Kathryn Blackwell, a Union Pacific spokeswoman at the company's headquarters in Omaha, Neb. "I don't know why model railroads should be any different from companies that manufacture engineer's caps using the Union Pacific logo." True enough. If Union Pacific wants to use its logo for merchandising purposes, like Coca-Cola, McDonald's and countless other corporations, it has every right to safeguard its interests. On the other hand, Coca-Cola and McDonald's don't have a vast subculture of devoted followers who obsess about all aspects of the company's products -- people who can tell you that the first Union Pacific rail was laid in 1865 or that the final spike of the Western Pacific line was driven in 1909. "There are perhaps a million model railroaders nationwide," said John Sipple, editor of Model Railroad News, a monthly publication with about 8,000 subscribers. "That includes everyone from serious enthusiasts to those who get out their train once a year to run it around the Christmas tree." And there's a more complex aspect to this whole matter, one that lawyers for Union Pacific and model-railroad manufacturers have been quietly hashing over for months: Does Union Pacific still control the logos of historic lines it acquired long ago, or have they passed into the public domain? One model-train buff who also happens to be a prominent antitrust attorney told me that it's highly debatable whether a licensing fee should have to be paid for the long-gone Cotton Belt line, for example, when Union Pacific has made no effort for decades to protect the trademark. The attorney, who asked that his name be withheld because his Bay Area firm represents Union Pacific on other matters, said it will be up to the courts to decide the merits of each trademark claim on a case-by-case basis. That's where the $400 million model-train industry comes in. Geddes at Athearn Inc. declined to go into specifics about negotiations with Union Pacific but said nearly all makers of model trains, including Lionel, the market leader, have banded together to oppose the licensing fees.

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ABQJOURNAL NEWS/STATE: Rail Runner Brand Defended

Its officials say the state owns the rights to the trademark, and local merchants need to stop selling the trains until they obtain a trademark license. But that isn't going to stop Warren Hatch, president of Trains West. Hatch said Rail Runner model trains are a hot item among collectors, and the agency's demand for licensure shouldn't apply to a third-party seller. "The whole thing is a farce from the standpoint of I'm not manufacturing anything, therefore I don't need to be licensed," Hatch said. "I'm selling a standard product. I have a manufacturer, and we sell all their products." The model trains, including an engine and three cars, cost $180, he said. Hatch said he gets his products from Athearn a California company that specializes in manufacturing toy trains. John Angstrom, manager of special projects at Athearn, declined comment Tuesday. Augusta Meyers, MRCOG spokeswoman, said Athearn's trademark license expired in 2007, and the agency is in talks with the company about reinstating the license. Until then, Hatch and anyone buying products from Athearn and reselling them to the public is infringing on the trademark, Meyers said.To actually understand even more on the subject of the American Flyer trains along with other American Flyer trains content, don't forget to click on this link, click reference to purchase.

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Every year at the Amherst show in Springfield Massachusetts we would set up next to Horizon and every year I asked their representatives about being able to buy from them but was continuously refused. If the assets of the LLB are not enough to cover the debts and liabilities, the creditors generally cannot look to the members, managers or officers for recovery.” So with the negative, there is positive! He sold train products out of his mother's house through most of the 1940's. The cars could be obtained in simple kit form, or ready-to-run in windowed display boxes. Athearn was then moved from its facility in Compton to a new facility in Carson, California. Athearn was bought in 2004 by Horizon Hobby. Other Athearn made Lionel pieces appeared to be exactly like Athearn's own trains except for the inclusion of a circled “L” logo being the differentiator. Athearn's car fleet included shorter-than-scale interpretations of passenger cars of Southern Pacific and Atchison, Topeka & Santa FM Railroad prototypes. Athearn also produces the former Railpower Products models of inter-modal equipment in 1/87 scale.

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