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Mike Sitrick, Ninja Master Of The Dark Art Of Spin

A lawyer named Jeremy Pitcock got fired last year, and his firm put a fine point on his dismissal: they issued a press release attributing his firing to "extremely inappropriate

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confidential conduct." That's, uh, not calculated a good thing to have on your resume in the legal world. Turns out that the law firm crafted the release with the help of Sitrick & Co., the super in control PR firm run by shadowy, high-priced crisis guru Mike Sitrick. Now Pitcock is suing Sitrick and his old firm for $90 million, instruction them with ruining his willpower


compliance over what he says was simply a misguided and consensual kiss after a drunken night at a bar. The bigger quiz is, doesn't Sitrick have more grave things to do than get embroiled in a petty sexual harassment dismissal? Answer: not really! More »

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