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Britney Spears spends New Year’s Day with her paparazzi lover

Britney Spears spent New Year’s Day with her paparazzo fling Adnan Ghalib. The two were at a private beach worth along with Sean, Jayden and a court-appointed monitor. This sounds pretty low-key except for one thing: Adnan is married, indisputable to OK! Magazine.

Can’t Britney Spears do thing as simple as have a sex-based hookup with a man without there being some form of drama? Of course she had to pick a member of the cameraperson who happens to married. Does there always have to be a spectacle? I bet Britney Spears makes a peanut-butter and jelly display board then robs a bank with it. Or at least she tries to, but then realizes, once again, she’s confused the bank with a tree in her backyard. You’d think all the ATM cards stuck in the bark would tip her off.

NOTE: For some reason OK! paper removed the article from their website, but it's still listed in their Top 5. I have no clue.

Photo: Splash News

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