4/9/2007 - Making Sure Your Kids are Safe When Surfing the Internet
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The bad things appear to be much more common as the media mostly focus on them. On the other hand, there are definitely things you should be careful about when it comes to your kids and online safety. There are some tips to keep your kids as safe as possible on the internet which we will share in this article.

Talk about internet safety to your children. Let your children know that by asking them about their activities online and by placing specific limits on them that you are simply concerned about them and want to protect them from harm. Of course, kids will probably not appreciate this, however if they ever have any problems they might feel more at ease to talk to you regarding it. Make sure they fully comprehend the potential dangers of using the internet, and that they understand that many people lie about who they are on the internet. By inviting your children to talk to you if they ever feel uncomfortable, in addition to talking freely with them about any concerns you may have, they will be a lot more safe. You need to be sure that your children don't ever go out and meet somebody they don't know offline in any place that's public. Even though this might appear to be a very obvious thing for you, it might not be for young children who have just started using the internet. They should also never agree to talk privately, whether online (such as in a private chat room) or by phone to a stranger. Initially online predators will target children in public chatrooms, then they'll attempt to get them into a setting that's more private, whether it's online of offline. Instruct your children to tell you if anyone pursues them in such a manner, especially if they tell the kids not to tell their parents. Children who are younger need to be told these sorts of things.

On the internet Facebook is definitely one of the biggest and most popular meeting places for adults and teens. You must understand that if your child isn't in his or her teen years then he or she must not use Facebook, period. Facebook does not permit anyone under 13 to register an account, although many kids manage to get around this rule. You really don't want your children to lie about their age to get an account, as this is already a recipe for possible trouble. Kids in their early teens can use Facebook, but you should keep an eye on their activities. If you don't have an account yourself, get one and befriend your kids, whether they like it or not! This will help you keep track of who their friends are, what they're posting, who's posting on their wall, etc.

Just because we have been focusing on the dangers of children online and their need of protection, that doesn't mean that something bad is going to happen to all children. As long as possible predators are not given sensitive information, nor any encouragement by the children, there really is nothing for them to be too concerned about. Teaching how to live is the responsibility of the parents, and learning is the job of the children.

What It Takes to Ensure Your Kids' Safety Online
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