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Actions speak louder than Words! Words cause change faster than Actions! Either is as good as the other, both are pretty worthless.


Would you rather be a dog thats all bark and no bite, all bite and no bark, or a cat?



Hi.  I'm the cat.  I'm the one that tears up your furniture and then expects a full body rub after all that hard work.

Feed me now, I don't care if theres food in the bowl.  Once it's empty, it stays empty, but you can always add more.

Does it suck?  You know, to bark all the time and never bite?  I guess it's equally shitty to bite with no bark.

You must feel like half a dog.  A hollowed out shell of a canine.

God really fucked you over, didn't he?


Come on over, theres always room for one more.  The grass really is greener...


Be your own cat!


Grow some fangs already.  Start sleeping more often.  Clean yourself obsessively.  Embrace the night.  Toy with your prey.

Show them whos REALLY master of the house.





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Posted: 3:18 PM, Wednesday, October 18, 2006 in Unspecified


my cat barks

Posted by susy at 5:34 PM, Saturday, November 4, 2006


Untitled Comment

i love cats and u know why, beause i think that tey are far from being dump; so let's do it as you say, and perhaps some mice will show off

Posted by someGirl at 3:03 AM, Thursday, February 15, 2007

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