my crapy life turned around

I will leave you to decide my fate troubled child or a child with bad luck

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to answer your question.... arent all children going through puberty troubled? of cource I had my differnces in opinoin to my mother   but she didnt have to kick me out for that. a real parent would take the opertunity to relize that I was growing up, becoming my own person, dicovering who I am........ ok here is an example. One day when I was about 17 I required a beverage of some sort so I went to the fridge and poured myself a glass of coke... then came the skreeching sound of my oh so understanding mother yelling at me for drinking pop in the mornning, so I turned around and said " MOM .... whats the difference if I drink pop now... it all go's in one way and comes out the other"  well that little comment almost had me begging for money on some corner in down town Toronto.


well going back and forth was because no matter how many times I left home after a few month I had to go home to my mom. It's funny no matter how hard someone tries to stay away from their parents your love for them always brings you back. that little emotion took its tole on me thank god I my aunt and uncle were so forgiving and understanding, if it wasnt for them I would be on the street today. I'm not perfect but from my pain I grew to be a respectable person... and I hope that sums it up for you. thank you for taking the time to read the begining of my story. wich is not fiction.....   JAY

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11:35 PM - 5/18/2005

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