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What is is a free blog hosts. In simple terms it is where your very own blog will be located and stored.
But you are in complete control of what will appear on the blog itself.
In Short, hosts your blog.

What else does offer?

So many features... so little time :).

  • It's free, and you can make money with your own ads.
  • Well as well as hosting your blog we ensure that the data is backup on a regular basis.
  • We have walls, statistics, plugins and much, much more.
  • We we handle rss for your blog entries and offer a common meeting point for other bloggers.
  • We tell everybody, (we actually ping them), when you update your blog.
  • Because has been around for a while your blog will be accessible to over 200 000 visitors.
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Can I advertise on my Blog?

Yes, is an ad sharing blog hosts. Meaning that you can include your own Google Adsense® publisher ID.
Once you have created your own free blog account you will be able to select the color, channel and much more.
The more you blog the better