11/3/2016 - PHILANTHROPIST: Ryan Otto –Businessman& Serial Entrepreneur
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Ryan otto
Mr. Ryan Otto is an intelligent and creative businessman who over the years have made significant sacrifices that have resulted in him being a trusted adviser on property acquisitions and disposals, to the premier league.
His circle of friends consists of some well-known celebrities and public figures of which he structured various successful televised marketing campaigns in the past.  RyanOtto has on numerous occasions shared some of his wealth with causes close to his heart. One particular philanthropic donation caught the attention of the media when he entered his $88,000 Porsche 911 Carrera S, into an auction of promises for charity.

ryan otto property
Ryan Otto’s multi-millionaire journey was not always furnished with great times and as a result of difficult and challenging times, he decided to join the Samaritans of which is where his philanthropic journey gained momentum.
The terrible events that played out in 2011, became the most difficult part of Mr. Otto's life so far.

RyanOtto’s goal as a good Samaritan was to listen and support those who are less fortunate not only mentally but physically, and emotionally too, also helping those people who haven't got the necessary problem-solving skills to make the best-informed decisions, to lead a purposeful life.
Ryan Otto has invested the last four years into becoming a Samaritan, and as a result, the Samaritans head office chose to reward Ryan for his great work and inviting RyanOtto to speak in front of hundreds of time served Samaritans, at their annual conference in 2014 on topics such as philanthropy and suicide prevention.
Ryan Otto, throughout the last 4 years has been on call every day to listen to callers in difficult situations who need the empathy of a Samaritan. Throughout those 4 years, he successfully built up personal relationships and bonds with hundreds of people.
A direct result of RyanOtto’s compassion has furnished him with dozens of heartfelt and emotionally charged, positive letters and thanks from people who he has helped deter from committing suicide. The letters of thanks Ryan Otto received, are from the individuals’ families too who feel that he had a hand in preventing their loved one from taking their own life.
One letter from a discrete writer said that by having Mr. RyanOtto with him at the time of need, listening for hours on end, furnished him with confidence and conviction to avoid suicide. Ryan Otto said that a result of becoming a Samaritan, whilst confronting his darkest times simultaneously, forced him to become a better person.
If you want to get in contact with Mr. Ryan Otto – Businessman, Serial Entrepreneur, Property Investor,Philanthropist, and Samaritan
You can reach Mr. Ryan Otto via his official website www.ryanotto.co.uk
On Twitter via @ryan_otto_
On Instagram mr_ryan_otto
Or on his Facebook fan page @RyanOttoEntrepreneur


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