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2/25/2007 - Confrontation
Posted in Unspecified

Aries called and gave me a piece of his mind. Apparently, he's become a fan of my blog and he didn't like what i wrote today.

My reply: It's my blog and it's my life so there's no such thing as right or wrong!

Honestly, i think what hurts him most is the idea of me going back to dating more successful man instead of hanging around with a loser like him. What can i say? He's not good enough for me and i deserve so much better than that.

In months to come, my life will be a blur of rich men and hot parties while Aries will only be a dad!

In a couple of days, i'll be single again and free to date whoever i want while Aries will just be accepting burden that he brought upon himself. As  a wise person ever quoted: Revenge is a dish best served cold, i'll say living well is the best thing that could ever happen to me and i will live much better.

I'll dine at the best restaurants and i'll date A list men, nothing less.


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2/25/2007 - hi ...
Posted by StarrSilverMoon
singing is a talent that i dont have, but they say that i do dance gracefully. i teach folk dance to high school students with an old friend of mine. i do hope our hearts will heal soon ...♥ Starr

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