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5/28/2007 - Columbian
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After working non stop, i decided to let my hair down and have a good time with some girls. I started out at the usual pub and head on to Zouk.

The music was fantastic and i kept on moving at the dancefloor. The crowd was ok until i was pulled by a hot young man. He was a stunner from Columbia.

We danced whole night and he kept taking pictures of me. He claimed that he'll be here for only a month. Just what i needed. A young tourist looking for nothing serious but F.U.N

After Zouk, we head on to Rave for more drinks till 7 am. Didn't know what had gotten into me but we moved to Cafe Del Mar after that. The pool was so inviting and there was a blonde babe in it. I winked at her and she smiled at me. Maybe it was the alcohol or the hot sun, i removed my clothes and jumped in. "Loca", Columbian said to me. "The water is nice", i smiled at him while i made my way towards the blonde babe. He jumped in too.

Three of us clicked immediately. We had a drink introduced by Columbian. It was nice and after a while, i've discovered that the blonde babe is a lesbian. I was having a ball of my time. One minute i was cuddling with Columbian, the next, i was kissing the blonde babe.

A few hours later, i've decided that it was time to leave and Columbian suggested that we checked into one of the resorts in Sentosa. I agreed and the blonde babe seemed cool as well. Just when i thought that i'm finally having threesomes, Columbian choked. Claimed that he just wants to sleep and nothing else.

I exchanged numbers with the blonde babe before we went on separate ways.  Me and Columbian did spent time in the resort. Yes, we slept naked and cuddled.

We were so tired that we fell asleep almost immediately.

We got up at 7 pm and had sex. It was ok, realising that he's only 27. Let's just say that he still need a lot of practise.

Now, i'm not sure if i want to see him again while he's still here. It scares me when he started asking my plans for the upcoming weekend.

Now, my turn to do the disappearing act..... 

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