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7/15/2009 - Creating a Sensual Ambience

Posted in Aphrodisiacs

In order to create an aroma that will inspire the passions, mix the following scents together: Lavender oil, rose petals, orris root, rose and patchouli oils and use them in one of the following ways:


Burn all the ingredients together on a charcoal burner or in a room fragrencer to create an atmopshere of love before a date.


Mix them with bachlor's button and myrtle leaves and sew them into a red or purple sachet to carry with you at all times.


Use them to form the basies of a potpourri, added to 1 cup fresh or dried vervain leaves and place it by the door of your bedroom.


For anniveries, birthdays, other special occasions, or just fun, these are ways to help spice things up between you and your partner or try and attract a new flame into your life.

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