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8/18/2006 - Spiders

Posted in Superstition

This chapter in my Book of Shadows is done for a bit of fun because I like to add a touch of humor in most everything I do. It will be dedicated to Superstitions. I have always found supersitions to be intresting and fascinating in their own way, and I have to admit though I do not think of myself as particuarly supersitious there are a few even I have been known to subsrcibe to. And with no further ado I begin with my the first of many supersitions to be discussed here.



If you see a spider in your house do not kill it. Make a wish upon it for a long and happy life and sweep it ever so carefully acorss your door step saying "If you wish to live and thrive, let the spider run alive." Afterwards go and buy a small ornament or charm of a web or a spider and place it under your pillow. Dream yourself into a magic web of contenment and beauty. Your wish will come true.
I cannot claim to nessciarly belive all the testiments of this supersistion but I thought it was kind of cute and amusing in its own way, and though I know that spiders tend to generate in many people feelings of unease and creepiness and fear, it is in fact considered in some cultures to be bad luck to kill a spider. And I myself find spiders fascinating and always advocate the safe capture and release of any animals which end up in the house and do not belong.
And if you think about it spiders acutally do us a great service and feed upon many insects which are even less pleasent in that they are potentionlly harmful or even more pesty. Overall spiders are in fact quite harmless despite thier reputation with only a few that are harmful to humans, and of those they will tend to leave you alone as long as you do not distrub them.
Wheather any wishes will come true or not perhaps the practice of this supersition will make you more amimable tword our eight legged friends.
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