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9/22/2006 - Chakra

Posted in The Basics

In a couple of my other entries here I have mad mention of the chakra and I said I would further explain chakara and so I thought to do so now.


Chakara are energy focal points within the body. There are 7 chakara points. Chakra can be used during meditation, as a way to look within oneself and see byoned what just the eyes can see. Chakra can also be tapped into for both physcial and spirtiaul healing, and there are some Martaial arts which practice the use of chakara in comabat.


The 7 Chakra are:


  1. Crown: Intelligence; Purple
  2. Brow: Intuition; Indigo
  3. Throat: Health; Turquosie
  4. Heart: Love; Green
  5. Solar Plexus: Inner Strength; Yellow
  6. Sacral: Rejuvination; Orange
  7. Base: Courage; Red


This chart will help locate the 7 Chakra upon the body and help to visualize each of the chakra when meditating





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9/23/2006 - chakara

Posted by Anonymous
I noticed that you have used a female body to explain these eneries. Do males have any chakaras, seven chakaras, more or less? Are they located in the same places?
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9/24/2006 - Chakra

Posted by SilverWynd
yes it is the same with men as well as women, and there are images the same as this but using a male body instead, so it reall makes no differnce what gender or sex you are.
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