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10/11/2006 - Celtic Symbols

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Triquetra: 3 prong knot may symbolize the Celtic philosophy that everything has 3 distinct  yet interlocked levels; physical, mental, and spritual.


Bull: Represents divine strength, and power, for Druids it was a symbol of the sun and procreativity associated with the forces.


Crystal:  Holds power and also represents the transformation from one place or state of mind to another. It also may represent spiritual protection, when combined with a sword it represents passive will with the sword being active will.



Toric or Neckware: worn to show power


Awen: Imoprant Druid symbol. The right ray represents male forces, the left ray represents female forces, the center ray represents the balance of nature forces or the two competing aspects


Triskele: Symbolizes cycles of life with 3 spears of influence in the mattieral world. The 3 spears are land, sea, and sky. Each represents the 3 matieral aspects contianed in every object.


Torc: Worn by Durids usually as a symbol of owners faveorite animal.

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