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6/28/2007 - Spiral

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The spiral is a symbol that is nearly as old as man himself, it has been found acorss the globe and has been employled by nuermous cultures, some of its earliest sightings date back to etchings on caves thousands of years ago, and it is still in active use today by many.

It has many possible representations and symbolizes a varity of things, today it is commonly seen as being associated with the goddess, the womb, fertility, feminine serpent force, continual change, and the evolution of the universe.

It is also seen as representing the universal pattern of growth and evolution as the pattern of the spiral appears again and again in the natural world, from the milky way galexy to the shell of a snail.

In the Hopi tradition the spiral represents the number of journeys or treks a tribe or nation has made to the four corners of the earth. Engraved on stones, the spiral suggests an intricate journey made to the Otherworlds on back. Generally, the spiral represents a broadening of consciousness, which is the destination arrived after a long journey.

The meaning of the spiral in Celtic tradition is not altogether known, but it is suggested to have represented the travel from the inner life to the outer soul or higher spirit forms; the concept of growth, expansion, and cosmic energy, depending on the culture in which it is used. To the ancient inhabitants of Ireland, the spiral was used to represent their sun

In the Celtic tradition there are also several varritions of the sprial which hold thier own meanings, such as the double spiral and tripple spiral and there are different forms of these spirals and of the single spiral as well.

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