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6/28/2007 - Auguary

Posted in Divination

This is a technique I developed myself a few years ago, admittidly the name auguary came from a fantasy book I was reading around the time I came up with this technique, becasue I did not know what else to call it, and it seemed fitting at the time.

Auguary is a difficult thing and a bit elusive but it can still be a vuluable experince and help develop the mind in other ways to aide in other techniques down the road. It is in some ways one part lucid dreaming, one part meditation/trance, and one part astral projection, and yet it is turly none of these things. It just combines different elements of each of these practices.

So just what is Auguary? Well it is a sort of soothsaying technique, different then ESP or physhic ability in the way it works, for one thing it is a state you acutaly put yourself into, while pyschic ability tends to be something that just happens to a person.

And the things in auguary can be a bit more obsecure, sometimes it might be litteral, sometimes it might be symbolic and it could be something from past, present, or future. I find it a good way, right after comming out of the state of auguary to jot down in a journal all that you may have seen, heard, and felt.

So now, just how it works. Well I will explain the process as best a can, but part of it you will have to figure out on your own just exprimenting.
Choose a comftrable posistion, sitting or laying, I usually always did it laying down, and make sure you are not tired at the time, and do not try to do this right before going to bed, you do not want to fall asleep.

Close your eyes, and block out your surroundings and clear your mind, as you would in getting ready to meditate, and once you manage to reach a meditative state you want to open your subconcious mind, tap into a part of your mind you do not normally have acesses, you can see it a flower unfurling, open yourself up and just let go.

At first you might see colors swirling and blurred moving togehter into each other, just follow this, move with the flow of it, move through the colors like a veil or a mist, as you do so, images should start to reveal themselves, of places, or maybe people, they might come in flashes, or in a sequence, the imporant thing is not to draw back or be afraid but to keep moving with it and just follow where you are being taken.

The sessions can end themselves, that is to say the images will simply start to fade away and you will be brought back to yourself, become more aware of your surroundings again and the vision will be lost, but at any time you can end if you like simply be opening your eyes, becasue you will not loose complete awareness of yourself and a part of your consicous mind will still remain there with you.

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