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6/6/2008 - Aphrodite's Oil

Posted in Aphrodisiacs

This varriation on the love potion which is a blend of oils to make up your own original perfume can be used to cure the wanning libido. If you feel that the passion in your relationship is starting to go out, this is a way to get his attention again.


On a Firday night, best done on a full moon, blend your own scent by choosing your faveorite three of the following oils: lavender, rose, ylang ylang, tuberose ( expensive, but very potent), gardenia, or jasmine.


Add the three oils you choose into 25ml of almond oil, add up to 10 drops total (your choice of proportion) and add 1 drop of musk oil at the end.


Wear the perfume between your breasts and behind your knees and watch the extraddinary effect it will have on your partner.

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