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6/16/2008 - Healing a Wounded Heart

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For those who have been disappointed in love this spell will heal the wounds of past mistakes and prepare the ground for a new beginning in your love life.

You will need: Pansy seeds, a small terracotta pot; earth and a small trowel; paper with your name written on it, some of your nail filing.

The pansy has long been the favorite of those whose hearts need healing. Grow yours to put sorrow behind you and prepare for a happier future.

This spell is best preformed on Valentines Day, May Day, Midsumer Day (June 21 or 24) or Lammas (August 1).

Plant your seeds lovingly on one of the days mentioned above. Place the paper with your name on it at the botoom of the pot and cover it with the earth/soil. Than scatter your nail filings with the planted seeds and water the seeds.

Tend to your plant with care and when the first flower blooms, pick it on a wanning moon and press it in a faveorite book of love poetry, or, a faveorite romance. Keept it with you always to attract love.

Choose a mainly yellow flower if you want an intellectual mach, rich purple if you seek passion, or soft blue if you long for a love that is simple yet true.
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