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3/10/2009 - Four-Leaf Clover and Love

Posted in Superstition

If you find a four leaf clover while on your way to meet your love  your love will blossom and your lover prove true


If you are single but you come acorss a four leaf clover by chance, pluck it and at once close your eyes asking for the blessing of a happy heart


If you want to find out how someone you like feels about you, write his or her name on paper and sealt it in an enveleope with a four leaf clover. Within four days or four weeks you will have a declaration one way or the other.


If you want simply to be lucky in love touch a four leaf clover to the thrid eye around from the top going clockwise as this leaf is dedicated to love.

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3/11/2009 - Four Leaf Clover.....

Posted by QR
I haven't seem a four leaf clover in 20 years! I never thought about it, but after reading this, I realized how long it's been. I remember finding them when I was a kid in N.J. Perhaps they hide from us as we grow older....or Kansas is better at growing wheat then clover! LOL
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