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4/25/2008 - Wish Upon A Stone

Posted in Ritual

After the rain has fallen, if you happen to live near a natural formation of rocks choose among them a faveorite stone. If not you may choose a faveorite rock within your garden or yard. Or use a personal crystal, go to the stone and touch it. Thank the earth for the beautiful things within it and kiss the stone and make a wish.

At 8pm that night light a candle and write a little prayer for luck or happiness on a slip of paper, which you should tuck under the candle. Think again of the stone and make your wish outloud

Touch the stone once again the next day and your wish for joy will soon be fullfilled.
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4/23/2008 - Six Flowers, Six Charms, Six Scented Balms

Posted in Ritual

This spell for love, uses the number 6, which is seen as the number of love by employing a mix of lucky charms, flowers, and scents in groups of six mapped out to the initials of the one you love.

It should be prepared upon an altar of love, you can easily set up an altar anywhere, if you do not have one, you can use a table, stool, shelf, etc.. to nudge flitatious affairs onto consummated ground.

You will need: Some pink velvet of silk; a pink candle; 6 flowers of any type but pink in color, 6 small flower vases; 6 charms (you may use any sort of charm for this, anything you have that is beleived to be lucky, or that is lucky to you) 6 drops of different aromatic oils of your choice.

Prepare your altar by draping the pink vevelt of silk acorss it, then burn a pink candle and address the Goddess (you may call upon the Goddess of love whom you prefer), asking for her help. Do this for several days before preforming the spell itself.

Place the flowers in the vases and annoint the charms, a different scent for each charm. Make the shape of your lover's initials by arranging the vases and charms to form the letters than place the index finger of your dominant hand to your brow and conentrate on your question of fidelity or sincerity to your love. Inhale the scents.

The next six times you see your love, dab a little of the scents upon yourself. On the seventh occasion passion with burst forth of if the desginated love is a callous playboy (or playgirl) the love affair will wither away.

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4/22/2008 - Willow Branch Cleansing

Posted in Ritual

A ritual to protect your home and family, and clense your house of negative energy.

You will need: 2 drops each of rosemary, geranium, and frankincense oil in about 15ml almound oil; willow branches for cleansing, a growing cyclamen plant; a white candle.

The best time to do this is during the waxing moon.

Burn the oils in a burner and carry it through the rooms of your home to cleanse them all. In the area of the hearth, or where you all sit as a group most often, preform your spell.

Lay the willow branches and the potted cyclamen (white or red is the best) on a table, and light a pure white candle. With your herb oils sitll burning and with vivid thought take a beam of white light from the candle in your mind's eye and spin it like a tornado around the room and around each member of the housewhold, cleansing away all negavtivity.

Each morning you can surround your family afresh in this protective white light.

Take the willow branches and weave them into a wreath and bathe it in the white light, and hand it above your front door. Light a fresh white candle in the same place once a month on the new moon to recharge the posistive atmosphere.

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2/8/2008 - Attract a Desirable Lover

Posted in Ritual

Set up an altar with thurible and charcoal, athame, cup, and bolline. Long ago, this magick would be enacted on the hearth itself. Gather a medium sized red candle, approximately 1/4 teaspoon dried vervain, small wooden box, and small moonstone or amethyst. The candle must not be dripless.

On a Friday night under a waxing moon, burn the red candle. Take the soft, melted wax drips and form a heart shape, adding the vervain pinch by pinch.

As you do so, repeat softly:

Wax to heart thou art transformed
Two be one, and love be warmed.

Before it cools, press the stone into the wax heart and set it inside the wooden box.

Place some vervain on the incense charcoal. Close the box and touch it with your athame, saying:

Diana, beautiful Diana,
Call thy daughter Aradia
And send her to the bedside
Of one who could be my beloved
Of one who could be my lover.
Let that lover come
Like a swift hunting hound
Running in the moonlight.
Come to me, come to me,
Led by the scents of love
By the aid of Regina Fata Diana
And of her daughter, Fata Aradia,
As I will, so mote it be.

Extinguish the red candle. Leave the wax heart in the box. Tuck it away where the box will not be disturbed by others.

Annoint and atire yourself lovingly. Be open to love and loving.

The lover will come as a swift hunting hound, because Diana ever has a dog by her side.

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12/17/2007 - For Good Health

Posted in Ritual

This is the time of year viruses tend to spread the most. And colds and flus are most comon. No one wants to be sick for the Holidays, so this spell will help keep illness away, and if you are all reading falling under the weather help premote a speedy recovery.


To promote good health, during the seventh hour after sunrise grind in a mortar two teaspoons of lavender flower, and one teaspoon each of thyem, allspice, coriander seed, and willow leaf, saying:

"I charge you by the Sun and the Moon, on this day of high energy and in this hour of healing, to reslease your powers into my work!"

Rub pepperment oil on a blue votive candle and insricbe with these symboles saying:

"Jupiter for health, Beorc for the Goddess, Water for fluids, Tyr for victory, Os for the God, and Sigel to direct the healing energy."

Light the candle in a cauldron. Add the herbal mixture and say:

"I call upon the divine to hasten my healing, brigning victory over the watery confussion in my body, with healing herbal energies released to my aid, cast aside my sickly imbalance I bed thee. So mote it be!"

Burn once hour, snuff and bury the remains.







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12/1/2007 - Appalachian Money Ritual

Posted in Ritual

According to an old prosperity ritual from Appalachia you should select a night between the New and Full Moon to hid a one-dollar bill outside your front door without telling anyone.

Visulaize the amount of your money growing. Early the next morning remove the dollar from the hidding place and put it in your pocket. Carry it with you all day and don't spend any money for the next tweny four hours.

This ritual ensures money will keep coming into your life and that you will hang onto it. A good time to preform this ritual is New Year's Eve. In this way you will attract money to you during the comming year.

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11/27/2007 - For A Warrior's Safe Return

Posted in Ritual

For anyone who has a loved one overseas figting in the nightmarish war, whatever personal feelings there might be for the war itself, here is a ritual to help bring home safely your loved ones.


During the third or tenth hour after sunset, take one mandrake or bronze fennel root, and pass it through incense smoke and a candle flame. Then sprinkle with water and salt saying

"I consecrate this root by the powers of the elementals that it may be clensed and purified to aid in my work."

Set the root on a pentacle, saying:

"Little man, listen to me. I'll dress thee and keep thee in my company, that thou turn aside harm from my fighting man, that he return safely as soon as he can."

Wrap the root in red cotton yarn, saying:

"In the ey of Mars, by te fires of fury, let my marrior be steadfast, safe-kept and victortious."

Wrap the root in red cloth and hide it in a safe place, Keep it there untill the warrior returns, then unbind the root and burry it.

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10/31/2007 - Halloween Ritual

Posted in Ritual

Halloween is an ideal time to magically do away with weakness. The Celts for example, on Samhain slaughtered all livestock that were too weak to live through the comming winter.

Using a quill pen and dragon's blood ink (red ink will do), write upon peice of parchment the weaknesses you wish to be rid of. As you concentrate on your intent crumple up the paper in your "power hand" (whichever hand you are most proficient in) and toss it into a fire, or set it ablaze by holding it above the flame of a black candle. Place it into a censor, cauldren or other fire proff container and as the parhcment burns away into ashes, so too shall all your weakness by consumed by the flames.
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10/29/2007 - Changing a Dark Mood

Posted in Ritual

If you find yourself caught in the midist of a dark mood that you cannot shake, try this spell. While holding a cup filled with water, speak all the dark thoughts that come up, into the water. Continue doing this untill you can't think of anything else to say. Pour the water in a river, or onto the dirt, thus allowing the Earth to take you dark mood away.


Then holding a secound up of water, speak all your gratitudes. Start by thanking the Earth for taking your dark mood away and continue untill you can think of no more to say. Then slowly drink the water, imagining the great things you have spoken of flowing into your life abundance.

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10/26/2007 - Counting Blessings

Posted in Ritual

When cooking, add sage liberally to dressing. Spices like nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and allspice add to prosperity. Whenever adding magical ingredieants to recpipies, stir clockwise. Say to yourself. "As I stir, I increase prosperity, love and harmony at home"

Ginger-scented or bayberry candles decorate the table, as do gourds, autumn leaves, and perhaps pomegrantes or red apples. Before everyone begins to eat don't forget to add a prayer.

"Dearest Pomona harvest goddess, thank you for this bounteous harvest. Dearest Jupitar , god of prosperity, thank you for the means to purchase these find foods. Dearest Juno, goddess of community, thank you for the strength to work toward our goals, and bless our family and friends this year."

*You may use the names of whichever gods and goddess you prefer.
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10/22/2007 - Inviting in Your Ancestors

Posted in Ritual

A good time to pay homage to your ancestors is just before Samhain. For this spell gather at your altar or sacred space some black cloth, a black candle, a bowl of water, a feather, a citrine, amathyst, or lapis luzuli crystal, and photos and mementos from your loved ones who have passed beyound.

Place the black cloth on your altar or on the floor. Posistion the feather in the east, the candle in the south, the bowl of water in the west, and the crystal in the north. Arrange the photos and other objects in the middle as you chant

May my loved ones touch me again, in the kiss of a breeze, in the light of a candle flame, in the laughter of the rain, in the ground beneath my feet. Spirits of air, fire, water, earth, bring my loved ones close again.

You may want to hold a photo or object and take time to feel the spirit of your loved one.
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10/15/2007 - Enhancing Courage

Posted in Ritual

The enhance your courage in a time of crisis or need, rub a red candle from the base to the top with rosemary essential oil during the first or eighth hour after sunrise, or the third or tenth hour after sunset.

Inscirbe the candle with the following runic symbols:

Lagu (or Laguz): for protection and healing

Mann: for the self

Ken: for positive energy

Ur (or Uruz): for personal strength

Daeg (or Dagaz): for a fresh start

Sigel: for achvievement and self-confidance

Tyr: for victory,corage, and success.

Add your own astrological sign, saying "Be these directed to me"

Light the candle and wave your wand above it, and repeat "I call on the energies of the ancient runes, earth, fire, water. As this candle melts, may these qualities enter into me. That as I will so more it be"

Let the candle burn down, then bury the remains in the ground or in a large potted plant
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10/9/2007 - Air Purification

Posted in Ritual

If you need to get a message through to someone, force an issue, garner some added intelligence, or wish a friend health and happiness, air energy can push your spellwork to a speed conclusion.

Use the following incantation for area purification, the clenshing and blessing of supplies or to invoke air energy into your magick circle:

Air flows pure. Spirit unbound. Inspiration! Sky to the ground! Realize love with this sound. (ring a bell severn times)

For an extra punch carve the air signs of the Zodiac, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius onto the candle color of your choice and burn during the ritual or spell casting, always asking for assistance from the element of air.



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10/8/2007 - Home Protection

Posted in Ritual

To cast a spell to protect your home, during the waxing Moon and during the thrid hour after sunset, pick a few stems of any combination of the following hebrs: dill, fennel, marjoram, mint, mustard, mullein, rosemary, rue, (and if you are not allergic) white heather, woodruff, and yarrow.

Tie small bundles of these herbs together with red thread and place on an altar (if you do not have one, a table will do) Touch the bundles with a ritual knife (or a kitchen knife will work) saying:

I conjure thee protective herbs, on this day and in this hour of Mars, to be a protection and safegaurd agianst all adversity and evil. Protect well this house and all who dwell within. As I will so mote it be!

Hang one bundle in each room of your home.

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9/24/2007 - Sun Child Blessing

Posted in Ritual

Because the Sun promotes growth, and health, a Sun image is an appropriate charm for blessing a child. It is easy to find jewlary, pillows, candle holders, and other objects with Sun images. The Sun card from a tarot deck can be used as an amulet.


Empower your object by holding it to the Sun whine you have good light. Visulalize it being filled with warmth and power while saying:


Child of light, with eys so bright, grow strong in health and wholeness


At the same time, visualize the child in question surrounded by a radiant golden aura

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8/18/2007 - Burried Treasure

Posted in Ritual

To bring treasure into your life, make a list of six local places which have good associations for you. They can be places you've visisted, or places that have always sounded interesting. Map them out on a local map and then choose your route. From each place, bring away something. A memory of a pleasent walk, a fallen leaf, a silly souvenir or momento etc...


Remeber, however, that the pirate's life holds not promisies and some of the places you choose may be dissapointing, or dangerous. But of the six you list, at least one sport is gauranteed to hold an unexpected treasure for you.

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8/1/2007 - Lughnasa Ritual

Posted in Ritual

An old Pagan custum associated with Lughnasa is the making of a corn doll from the last sheaf of corn from a harvest.

For good luck throughout the coming 12 months, the corn doll is traditionaly hung up in the kitchen or in the chimney and kept there untill the following Lughnasa when it is ritually burned.

It is said that if the previous years corn doll is not removed before Yule, the next harvest will be a poor one.

To make a traditional Witch's corn doll for good luck, twist or tie together a few husks of corn into a small female figure, if desired you may dress the corn doll and decoate it with dried flowers.

Anoint it with a few drops of frankincense or clove oil and then pass it twelve times through the smole of burning sage to consecrate it as you change your intent over it.
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6/30/2007 - Ocean Energy Mediation

Posted in Ritual

If you live near an ocean try this meditation designed to increase energy while promoting relaxtion.

Stand on the edge of the ocean and inahle its scent, listen tothe waves as you gaze at the sea. When a wave comes in scoop some water, feel it, tastes it. Breath in as a wave recedes, breath out as a wave breaks. Shrug your shoulders a few times. Close your eyes again and medicate on an ocean deity or spirity such as Yemaya, Timat, Neptune/Posediaon, Isis, Peagia, to name a few. Feel the tension flow from your meck and shoulders, flowing down to the sand. Now open your eyes. Symbolically hug the ocean to your breast. Feel the power of the waves, absorb energy from the ocean. Feel your energy level rise. Thank the ocean for its blessings and bless it in return.
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6/28/2007 - Embracing the Sun

Posted in Ritual

The Sun for obvious reason has held a posistion of great reverance and worship, for it is one of the key light giving forces, needed to sustain us all. Usually it is seen as a male God counterpart to the Moon Goddess figure. There is a long history of many cultures preforming Sun greeting rituals with the sunrise each morning.

To take into yourself the power of the Sun preform this ritual

Go outdoors and greet the sunrise by streaching tall and wide. Take three deep breaths, inhaling the light and power of the Sun and exhaling them back out into the world. Realize that as the Sun is the center of our solar system and all of the planets reflect its light, so you are the center of your world, and all others around you will respond to your light. Resolve to shine brightly on this day and say "Hail! I greet thee, radiant Sun, pour forth thy light on me. I will shine with peace and love toward everyone I see! (If the day is cloudy you can always visualize the Sun knowing that the light is within)
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6/7/2007 - Calling the Faries

Posted in Ritual

Between Beltane and Midsummers Eve, do this outdoors, perferably near water. Gather some St. Johns Wort to guard against faity mischeif, and some food or milk. Cast a circle by sprinkling St. Johns Wort on the ground around you. Stay within the circle and repeat the following. "Goddess Dana, in whose name I sing, people of the hill and fairy ring, may your world be open to me. I come in peace. So mote it be"

The etheral faires are as currious about us as we are of them. Enjoy their energy wheather or not they choose to reveal themselves. Leave a bit of food or milk to showe your gratitude.

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