1/22/2017 - Custom Wooden Poker Chip Cases - Inlays, Engraving along with other Personalized Touches
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If you value poker and so are trying to find just the right case to accommodate your french fries, you might want to consider designing a custom wooden poker chip case. There is a multitude of chip cases in the marketplace, however if you simply desire a truly unique case, a wooden poker chip case designed to your specifications with distinctive, personalized touches, may be just the ticket. The basic principles of designing an incident calls for choosing a kind of wood for the case, the scale or dimensions of the case, and if you would like to include chip trays. Once you've decided on every one of the simple requirements for your chip case design, you can move on to the fun and artistic section of the design process. Here are a few recommendations for unique, personalized touches to assist in creating that one of a kind wooden poker chip case.

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Add elegance in your wooden chip case with an inlay. Inlay is really a decorative means of inserting pieces of colored materials into depressions in the base resist form patterns or pictures. Inlays commonly use wood veneer. Inlay is different from marquetry, an identical technique, for the reason that marquetry is used over a whole the top of a physical object, whereas inlay consists of small pieces inserted into cut spaces reduce the base material. Typically the most popular approach to create an inlay is to rout out a panel the actual configuration, merely a shade shallower than the inlay. The ornamental inlay is glued down with all the face side down. Following your work has dried sufficiently, the surface could be sanded and take care of. Inlays could be simple or intricate. When you have a topic or logo for your house casino or poker chips, you might want to think about adding the look as an inlay about the lid of the wooden poker chip case.

If the home casino logo, logo design or other personalized design is simply too intricate with an inlay, you may want the truth laser engraved. Wood has an excellent medium for laser engraving. Typically, the light colored wood like Maple or Cherry is engraved as well as the image is stained a darker color for contrast. Some darker woods like Mahogany also yield wonderful results. The sun is the limit when using laser engraving. Initials, logos, personalized messages, and even drawings or photos could be engraved in wood. The more intricate the style, the 5more 0time consuming, and of course expensive.

Another decorative accent, that is also a sound structural addition to your wooden poker chip case, is adding a spline in the joints. A spline can be a thin strip of wood mounted between two joints, used with the aim of reinforcing the joints and adding extra support. Inserting a spline right into a structure is simply by adding an additional strip of wood between a miter joint. A spline will function to effectively add reinforcement and support towards the joints, that is important when considering the load of the case once all of the chips will be in it. The main benefit of employing a spline such construction will help to add stiffness towards the entire structure and lower bowing. It helps to stop warping for the joint structure. A spline needs to be used anytime a joist structure is being built in a place where more weight will probably be placed on it. If the spline is included a contrasting wood tone, the consequence can also be decorative.

So when you designing a custom wooden poker chip case, think about these few personalized touches that may add a unique touch to your original case.

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