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good morning every one!!
I must think of a way to stay with a great smile and firm resolve. I won't make them take me down.
they say the this period have the highest suicide ratio. it must be because of all this fuss over love . a thing that should happen once in a lifetime(even if there is more and more people that don't beleive in it) is become commercialized in the form of chocolate and roses. and I haven't received one. it hurts. and in the same time I think that there is no one here that deserves to give me one (what a lame excuse).
Anyhow, is there someone that think that there shouldn't be so much displaying over love affection, people should be more considerate about this matter?
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I have been single for a long time, and Valentines Day never bothered me, I think that people who do not currently have anyone, just need to be less sensetive about it. People need to stop thinking so much that thier happiness directly relates to have another person. It can be a nice thing, but it is not the only thing or everything.
Posted by SilverWind

Untitled Comment2/16/2007
hey, I know that it can not bother, but it is more beautiful with someone you want. and love for me is not just a chocolate candy.
and yes, for me the earth is still turning even if I didn't receive a rose that day. and even if it's late happy valentine
Posted by someGirl
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