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When you're writing an application, use real workplace examples to show how you meet the criteria. Here's a real world example that got the applicant the job of her dreams:Selection CriteriaStatementPosition Title: Administrative Officer (AO2)Education QueenslandVacancy Reference Number: 000000Name: SALLY SAMPLEAddress: PO Box 000The Gap Qld 4061Telephone: 00 - 0000 0000 (Home)0000 000 000 (Mobile)Email: To be completed by the applicantAdministrative Officer (AO2) VRN: 000000Selection Criteria - 1Demonstrated administrative, keyboard and word processing skills, including Microsoft Office and an ability to operate independently and/or with limited supervision.1. In my current and former roles, I have operated independently and demonstrated my proficiency in administration, typing and word processing. In my position at Victorian Health, I relieve at two different locations and work autonomously in both places. In my position in the Australian Defence Force, I supervised 15 staff.• In my current position as an Administrative Assistant in Victorian Health and in my former position as Office Manager for Secureit Security Systems, my administrative skills are evidenced through the following:o Performing reception duties and responding to telephone and counter enquiries and complaints; transferring incoming calls to six different extensionso Organising appointments for staff and performing public relations dutieso Preparing general correspondence and writing memos and e-mails for staffo Sorting, opening and processing of incoming and outgoing mailo Operating computers, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, etc.o Maintaining accurate customer databaseso Checking and preparing all accounts for payment, and managing petty cash, bank reconciliations and monthly expenseso Processing daily invoicing and working within set budgetso Maintaining a register of lost property for Victorian Healtho Ordering stationery to ensure appropriate levels and raising requisitions for stock, stationery and consumables using SAP (government purchasing system)o Obtaining quotes, preparing purchase orders and reimbursing monthly expenseso Successfully setting up all office systems and procedures for Secureit Security Systems• My computing skills are demonstrated through the following:o typing speed of 70 wpmo competence in use of Windows 2000, MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and 'Group Wise' (VIC Health system).o Basic knowledge of the data base management system (SMS) used in Victorian schools for the retrieval of information for supply teachers, student details, etc.
health promotion jobs
I gained this knowledge through voluntary work at a State Primary School.• From the examples listed above, I am confident that I have demonstrated my administrative, keyboard and word processing skills and ability to set up and maintain efficient office systems while operating independently without supervision.Selection Criteria Statement Sally Sample Page 1 Administrative Officer (AO2) VRN: 000000Selection Criteria - 2Demonstrated interpersonal and communication skills including the ability to work with all members of the school community both individually and as a member of a team.My interpersonal and communication skills are demonstrated in my current role as an Administration Officer (AO2) for Victoria Health (Linen Services) where I am the first port of call for all enquiries about customer linen orders for all Victorian Health Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Dental Clinics, Dental Mobile Vans and School Dental Clinics. I manage complaints about short supply, quality issues and late deliveries and am able to sort out problems quickly by showing empathy, listening to ensure I get all of the facts, asking questions to gain an accurate understanding of the problem and then taking all steps to fix it quickly. I always follow up to make sure customers are completely satisfied with the outcome.
My team skills are shown through relieving in two hospital locations, where I have developed strong working relationships with all operational staff, based on mutual respect. I work co-operatively with people in numerous sections of the organisation, including Packing Supervisor, Transport Supervisor and Sterile Linen Supervisor to organise changes to standard orders and ensure we achieve the best outcomes possible for our customers. I have been told that I am very approachable and often receive thanks for going out of my way to help in fixing day-to-day problems.
In my role as Office Manager at Secureit Security Systems, I organised appointments and liaised between technical staff and customers regarding changes to appointments and special requirements. I also responded to enquiries from customers about electronic security issues and resolved any customer problems by striving for a WIN/WIN outcome.
I am aware of the need to protect client confidentiality and ensure all documents are kept in accordance with policies and procedures.
My referees will confirm that I have a 'hands-on' approach and am always willing to go out of my way to help other staff to get the job done. I believe in supporting each other as members of a happy and productive team.
From the examples listed above, I believe I have demonstrated my highly developed communication, interpersonal and team skills.Selection Criteria Statement Sally Sample Page 2 Administrative Officer (AO2) VRN: 000000 Selection Criteria - 3Ability to understand or quickly learn about Education Queensland's administrative policies, practices and procedures used in schools.1. In current and former positions, I have demonstrated my ability to quickly learn and apply relevant policies, practices and procedures. Similarly, I am confident that I can rapidly acquire knowledge of administrative policies, practices and procedures used in schools. From researching the internet and speaking to Education Queensland staff, I have familiarised myself with the following documents:o Department of Education Manual (DOEM) that provides administrative guidelines about issues such as safety, finance, health, etc.o School Accounting Manual (SAM) that provides guidelines for purchasing, inventory control, stock control, etc.o Student Handbooks that provide procedures relevant to the particular school in relation to uniform requirements, standards of behaviour, library borrowing procedures, hours of operation for clothing shop, canteen, etc.In my role with Victoria Health, I have gained knowledge of contemporary management practices such as Occupational Health and Safety, Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination through reading the Director-General's Policies, Workplace Health and Safety Overview and Anti-Discrimination Overview.
I have a basic knowledge of the Privacy Act and its implementation in regard to confidentiality of information about parents, students and other staff. In all former positions, I demonstrated my commitment to maintaining customer and staff confidentiality and treated sensitive matters with tact and discretion.
As the parent of one child in a State Primary School and another in a State High School, I have a good working knowledge of administrative policies, practices and procedures including permission slips to leave school during school hours, 'late passes', notification of student absences and consent forms for school excursions and school camps. I am also familiar with Student Handbooks containing school rules, uniform requirements and behaviour requirements, etc. I work co-operatively with school administrative and teaching staff and assist in fund-raising activities, book packing and sales of stationery as required.

health promotion jobs

From the above examples, I believe that I have demonstrated my ability to quickly learn about administrative policies, practices and procedures used in schools.Selection Criteria Statement Sally Sample Page 3 Administrative Officer (AO2) VRN: 000000 Selection Criteria Statement Sally Sample Page 4Selection Criteria - 4Basic understanding of occupational health and safety, equal employment opportunity and anti-discriminatory practices and behaviour as applied in a work environment.

I have a basic understanding of occupational health and safety, equal employment opportunity and anti-discriminatory practices as applied in the work environment through previous employment and reading information from the Division of Workplace Health and Safety and relevant government departments. I understand that the Workplace Health and Safety Act places legal responsibility on both employers and employees at a workplace to ensure the health and safety of others. Employers are responsible for providing practical advice about identifying and managing exposure to risk in the workplace, while employees must follow organisational policies and procedures for the safety of themselves and others. I follow all procedures relating to correct manual handling techniques, identification and reporting of risk and promotion of a safe workplace.
I also understand that the Equal Employment in Opportunity Act provides the creation of conditions that allow all workers to have equal chance of seeking and obtaining employment and promotion, based on merit. Further, I understand that discrimination in employment occurs when a person is treated less favourably than others due to gender, marital status, age, race, religion, etc. Sexual Bupa Health Promotion Jobs harassment is unlawful and is an offence under the Act. For the past three years, I have assisted in promoting acceptance of cultural differences in schools through regularly sponsoring Japanese Home Stay students through Queensland International Student Services for periods between two days and 14 days. This provides a wonderful opportunity for families to learn about each other's cultures.
In my current position at Victorian Health, I work with a group of people consisting of Fijians, Germans, Russians, Malaysians and New Zealanders. We value cultural diversity, treat each other with mutual respect and work well as a multicultural team.
I believe my responses listed above demonstrate my understanding of occupational health and safety, equal employment opportunity and anti-discriminatory practices and behaviour as applied in a work environment. I understand that this application will be considered in relation to EEO principles and will be based solely on merit.Additional FactorsMy application for a Suitability Card from the Commission for Children and Young People is currently being processed.
In my position in the Australian Defence Force, I attended numerous training courses in First Aid and CPR and am willing to undertake required training to update these qualifications as required.
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