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New update happening - 6:05 PM, 11/3/2012

Hi all,

I just did a major update, (version 3.38 if you must know). It gets rid of the last of the 'bad' code that was left behind from the original developers.
It has been quite an uphill battle to keep the site up and running while getting rid of all that legacy code.

I can now proceed with the 'look' of the site. I have 3 major projects and 1 ongoing one, that I can now concentrate on

  1. Create a new template for this site, the current look of the site is 7 years old. It has to go.
  2. Create a 'mobile' template for mobile visitors.
  3. Add new templates, (I still want to use the hundreds of free-to-use that are lying around).
  4. Add more features to the current blogs.

Unfortunately #3 is probably take the longest to implement.

I'll spend the week-end pouring over the logs to see any errors reported, but if you see something wrong, just drop me a note and I will update it asap.

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