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Moved to a new server - 6:18 PM, 11/28/2012

I made the decision to move to a new server this week, the old one was just too small, (by small I mean not enough memory!).

I could have spent some time trying to optimise the scripts and database but at the rate we are growing I was fighting a loosing battle. I also think there was something seriously wrong with the old server, but my host was not very helpful in that matter.

The down side of it all is the monthly cost of such a server, currently this is coming straight out of my pocket and it will not be long before it start hurting the pocket :). I don't mind doing it a bit longer, I enjoy the work, it is fun... but expensive.

I am looking for a template developer to re-design the site, (this one is 7 years old already!), this will probably cost a lot of money, but with a bit of luck I will find someone who can do it for free. I might even throw in some free advertising or something.
I think with the right design we will get a lot of new blogers.

I also need to design a new 'mobile' site as more and more of our visitors are mobile users.

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