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11/17/2007 - red coat

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entering Beacon's Closet:
i watched the hot dark-haired hipster in front of me, i noticed his dog stopping adruptly, only AFTER straddling the poor thing and falling over.
then the cordial exchange of apoplogies and smiles and giggles;)
a while after all that i find myself in the coats, the red embroidered not into red coats, but this one begs at me. i try it on....and ahhh...perfect.
"perfect" he says. yes...the guy and his dog looking at me try on the red coat. another couple comes over and are stunned at my find. i show my exhuberance for their input...everyone is pleased.
finally, seth [could he have a more sexy name!] pulls the shake with intrdoction.
it's his girlfirend's birthday, we have the same figure he says, he wants a pretty dress, we happily shop around together, i buy the one he doesnt, i hug the dog and they leave.
everyone is pleased...indeed.
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