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How To Get A Patent Number - (Monday 01st of August 2016 08:29:00 PM)
While you invent your thing, make sure you write everything down as time moves forward. You
need to document every aspect of your invention, as well as any changes or modifications that
you make as you test it. For example, it  [...]
How To Get A Patent Application - (Monday 01st of August 2016 07:25:00 PM)
Keep notes on the progress of your invention as you are inventing it, so you can refer back to
these notes on your invention when you have to demonstrate how you invented your invention.
Your documentation should detail all the relevant details about  [...]
How To Get A Patent In North America - (Saturday 16th of July 2016 04:42:00 PM)
Patent application is a business decision just like any other - there are filing fees and
other costs involved that might come up before your patent goes through. So think before you
apply for a patent. Your invention needs to be  [...]
How To Get A Patent Pending In Australia - (Saturday 16th of July 2016 04:26:00 PM)
An idea is not the same as an invention; it is the practical application of an idea that makes
it an invention. If you are inventing something and want to patent it, you should know that
patents only apply to new and unique  [...]
'CandySwipe' Crushed: When Game Development Turns Nasty - (Thursday 13th of February 2014 06:34:00 PM)
Nerval's Lobster writes "King, the gaming developer behind the monster hit Candy Crush Saga,
has attracted a fair amount of criticism over the past few weeks over its attempt to colophon
the word 'candy,' which isn't exactly an uncommon term. The company  [...]
IPISC Launches IP Litigation Coverage for Cyber/Media-Based Tech Companies - (Wednesday 28th of November 2012 05:35:57 PM)
Louisville, Ky. headquartered Intellectual belongings provision social welfare jungle* (IPISC)
has launched IP Defense payment of claim agreement cover for cyber/media-based hi tech*
companies. The cyber/media-based outfit utilizes technologies that  [...]
IPISC Launches Abatement Insurance Program for Intellectual Property Risks - (Wednesday 19th of September 2012 04:36:32 PM)
Louisville, Ky. headquartered Intellectual dominion guarantee support services ring (IPISC),
which focuses on intellectual acres (IP) security risks, has launched the InventPro
restoration assurance program. The InventPro program is designed to help  [...]
Yuval Koren is not pleased. For those unaware, he's the CEO of Eye-Fi, the company that has in
essence written the rules on embedding WiFi into SD cards. If you blinked last week, you
practicably missed the SD Association's announcement that it had created  [...]
There's a huge problem with working out that has yet to be solved: when, precisely, do our
workout clothes become too worn to wear anymore? Apple knows we can't be wasting endless
minutes looking for holes and tears in our shirts and pants, so  [...]
Think it's time to change our patent system? So does Congress. Yesterday, the Senate approved
the America Invents Act by an 89-8 vote that could bring about the most drastic changes to the
US Patent and inborn Office (USPTO) in five decades. Under the  [...]
The Philippine Topography and Its Scenic Beauties - (Thursday 14th of June 2012 06:29:00 AM)
intellectual house-noun1. residence that results from unique imaginative imagined, as patents,
copyright material, and trademarks.Ok, so an intellectual house is something that was produced
from genuine assumed and is patented or copyrighted. Now what  [...]
A judge in The Hague just issued a ruling in Apple's patent impingement case against
Samsung, put a lock on "the selling of Samsung smartphones Galaxy S, S II and Ace for
mishandling of Apple Inc. EP 2,059,868." In an criterion press release, the  [...]
Shopping in Brighton - (Tuesday 18th of August 2015 12:37:00 PM)
A modern these battle in Ireland concerned Sean Dunne, the property developer and the ownership
of the D4Hotels domain title. This involved a legal dispute between Dunne and a former
supervisor as to who was entitled to ownership of the domain identify.The  [...]
Knowing Your Intellectual Property Rights and Protecting Your Ideas - (Monday 27th of November 2023 03:54:00 PM)
Of course, in some cases, piracy is very obvious. If someone copyrights a formula, design for a
product, or other such creative and unique information, then using that information without
permission obviously infringes upon the owner's copyright.On the  [...]
A handful of iOS developers recognized roget's ii: the new thesaurusmain
entry:authoritative part of speech:adjective definition:having or arising from
authority. conclusive letters this week from a patent holding firm claiming that their
applications  [...]
Microsoft and Nokia's industry-altering announcement of a strategicalget strategical search for copyrights:cite this source synonym source v1.1copyright © 2008 by
lexico issue group confederated  [...]
Apple sues Samsung for 'copying' the iPhone and iPad - (Monday 18th of April 2011 08:04:00 PM)
Whoa! In the world of big-time lawsuits, this must be just about the biggest. The Wall Street
Journal is reporting that Apple has sued Samsung televisions for copying "the look and feel" of
its iPad tablet and iPhone smartphone. This relates to the Samsung  [...]
Google and Nortel have agreed on the princely sum of $900 million to start off a "stalking
horse" auction -- wherein outside parties are still free to outdo Google's bid -- for the
acquisition of Nortel's rather vast patent portfolio. The sale comes  [...]
Like a desperate suitor unable to take "no" for an answer, Nokia's come back to the ITC with
fresh allegations about Apple using its patented technologies without proper authorization. On
Friday, the International Trade mandate made an initial firmness  [...]

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