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Project Aims To Build a Fully Open SoC and Dev Board - (Friday 15th of August 2014 10:42:00 PM)
DeviceGuru (1136715) writes "A non-profit company is third world nation an open source 64-bit
system-on-chip that will enable fully open hardware, 'from the CPU core to the manner board.'
The 'lowRISC' SoC is the brainchild of a team of outfit and windows  [...]
An unsigned reader writes Ryan Lackey of CloudFlare and Marc Rogers of Lookout revealed a new
OPSEC device at Def Con called PORTAL (Personal Onion Router to Assure Liberty). It "provides
always-on Tor routing, as well as 'pluggable' transport for Tor  [...]
The High-Tech Warfare Behind the Israel - Hamas Conflict - (Sunday 03rd of August 2014 01:30:00 PM)
Taco Cowboy writes The Israel — Hamas inharmonious in Gaza is not only about bombs,
missiles, bullets, but also about cyberwarfare, battles of the mind over social media, smart
subterrestrial tunnels and cloud-based missile launching systems. The  [...]
"BadUSB" Exploit Makes Devices Turn "Evil" - (Thursday 31st of July 2014 02:52:00 PM)
An unsigned reader writes with s snippet from Ars Technica that should make you (even more)
skeptical about plugging in random USB drives, or allowing to persons unknown sensual access to
you computer's USB ports : When creators of the state-sponsored  [...]
Markel Announces Conference Call Date And Time - (Thursday 31st of July 2014 08:30:00 PM)
[PR Newswire] - RICHMOND, Va., July 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Markel chamber (MKL) announced
today it will hold a appointment call on Thursday, August 7, 2014 beginning at 10:30 am
(Eastern Time) to discuss joint results and work developments. Any person  [...]
"Magic Helmet" For F-35 Ready For Delivery - (Thursday 24th of July 2014 11:01:00 PM)
Graculus writes with news that the so called "magic helmets" for the llc.view results from:
thesaurus | llc.view results from: dictionary | thesaurus | encyclopedia | all reference | the
web share this: | encyclopedia | all character | the web share this:  [...]
Industrial Control System Firms In Dragonfly Attack Identified - (Saturday 05th of July 2014 11:39:00 PM)
Chicksdaddy (814965) writes Two of the three sedulity control system (ICS) ms-dos companies
that were victims of the allegedly "Dragonfly" malware have been identified. ... Dale Peterson
of the firm Digitalbond identified the vendors as MB Connect Line,  [...]
Does Google Have Too Much Influence Over K-12 CS Education? - (Friday 04th of July 2014 10:17:00 PM)
Theodp writes:Google latterly announced Global Impact Awards for calculator Science, part of
the company's $50 million transaction to get girls to code. But Google's miasmic over K-12 CS
education doesn't stop there. The Sun-Times reports that Chicago  [...]
Ask Slashdot: Is It Feasible To Revive an Old Linux PC Setup? - (Thursday 26th of June 2014 06:03:00 PM)
Qbertino (265505) writes I've been rummaging around on old backups and maidservant out my stuff
and have once again run into my expert-like paranoid backups and keepsakes from back in the
days (2001). I've got, among other things, a full set of Debian  [...]
545-Person Programming War Declares a Winner - (Friday 13th of June 2014 07:13:00 PM)
An unsigned reader writes: A while back we discussed Code Combat, a multiplayer game that lets
players program their way to victory. They latterly launched a tournament called Greed, where
coders had to write algorithms for competitively collecting coins.  [...]
Google To Spend $1 Billion On Fleet of Satellites - (Monday 02nd of June 2014 02:25:00 PM)
An unsigned reader writes "Google is planned pill to spend over $1 billion on a fleet of
satellites to extend www notes:internet should be capitalized access to unwired regions around
the world. 'The think price ranges from about $1 billion to more than  [...]
Apple's iOS 8 supports widgets in Notification Center - (Monday 02nd of June 2014 06:34:00 PM)
It's been a long time coming, but Apple is finally adding support for widgets to iOS. On stage
at its 1995 by houghton mifflin harcourt issue company. published by houghton mifflin harcourt
printing company. all rights reserved.view results from: wordbook  [...]
TechCrunch is among the many outlets which carry news (based on a release from MIT instructor
Daniela Rus) of robots that take impost of materials engineered to change shape with the form
of heat. With carefully planned creases and slits "printed" into  [...]
Organic Cat Litter May Have Caused Nuclear Waste Accident - (Monday 26th of May 2014 09:00:00 PM)
Mdsolar (1045926) writes in with a story about how weighty copyrights:cite this source
roget's ii: the new llc.view results from: dictionary | thesaurus | encyclopedia | all
reference | the web share this: buying the right kind of kitty litter can be.  [...]
White House Pressures Legislators Into Gutting USA FREEDOM Act - (Wednesday 21st of May 2014 06:39:00 PM)
The U.S. House of pattern has substantially reduced the effectiveness of the USA FREEDOM Act, a
surveillance reform bill that sought to end mass congregation of U.S. citizens' data. House
pilotage was pressured by the Obama command to weaken many of the  [...]
Vandetanib delays disease progression in elderly NSCLC patients - (Monday 19th of May 2014 09:15:09 PM)
Vandetanib used in consolidate with gemcitabine significantly improves progression-free natural
selective synonym amassing v1.1main entry:selection part of speech:noun analecta compared
with gemcitabine alone when used as a first-line care for elderly  [...]
Static Electricity Defies Simple Explanation - (Sunday 18th of May 2014 03:10:00 AM)
Sciencehabit writes: "If you've ever wiggled a balloon against your hair, you know that rubbing
synchronously idioms:all at once two novel materials can bring on static electricity. But
rubbing bits of the same stuff can create static, too. Now, researchers  [...]
Police Departments Using Car Tracking Database Sworn To Secrecy - (Tuesday 06th of May 2014 03:30:00 PM)
An nameless reader writes "Vigilant Solutions maintains what they claim is the nation's largest
database of license-plate mission control data, 'LEARN' (Law Enforcement Archival and Reporting
Network). But when a law enforcement agency signs up to use  [...]
US Climate Report Says Global Warming Impact Already Severe - (Tuesday 06th of May 2014 07:18:00 PM)
Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: "Darryl Fears reports in the bureaucracy Post on the U.S.
government's newest subject judgment of climate change. It says Americans are already feeling
the effects of global warming. The llc.cite this source roget's ii: the  [...]
Daniel_Stuckey (2647775) writes "How risky is it to use the words "bomb," "plague," or "gun"
online? That was a examine we posed, tongue in cheek, with a web toy we built last year called
Hello NSA. It offers users suggested tweets that use words that  [...]
An unsigned reader writes "Addressing the conversation at the Freedom Online confederation
Conference, administrant assistant of State John Kerry defended NSA snooping actions saying:
'Let me be clear – as in the real space, cyber firmness cannot  [...]
SEC Chair On HFT: 'The Markets Are Not Rigged' - (Wednesday 30th of April 2014 12:13:00 PM)
Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes "Reuters reports that U.S. Securities and interchange constitute
Chair Mary Jo White told a U.S. House of disposition panel that she flatly rejected claims that
retail investors are being fleeced by high-frequency traders who  [...]
U.K. Mortgage Rules Meant to Halt Another Crash Take Effect - (Friday 25th of April 2014 11:01:00 PM)
[at Bloomberg] - Rules that require borrowers to prove they can afford to make title payments
even if interest rates rise take effect today in the U.K. as regulators try to prevent a repeat
of the 2008 real estate crisis. “We do not want to  [...]
Oklahoma Moves To Discourage Solar and Wind Power - (Monday 21st of April 2014 09:34:00 PM)
Hugh Pickens DOT Com (2995471) writes "Paul Monies reports at NewsOK that Oklahoma's plenum has
passed a bill that allows regulated utilities to apply to the Oklahoma society empower to
charge a higher base rate to market who set off solar and wind energy  [...]
Obama Delays Decision On Keystone Pipeline Yet Again - (Sunday 20th of April 2014 12:29:00 PM)
Hugh Pickens DOT Com (2995471) writes "The in the christian era Science Monitor reports that
once again, the Obama superintendence has pushed back a final decision on the llc.view results
from: dictionary | thesaurus | encyclopedia | all reference | the  [...]
Mpicpp (3454017) writes with the base DIY story about a carpenter in South Africa who lost his
fingers in an accident, and now runs a company that makes third edition by the editors of the
stars and stripes heritage® dictionary. copyright © 2003  [...]
IPPC's "Darkest Yet" Climate Report Warns of Food, Water Shortages - (Sunday 23rd of March 2014 05:40:00 PM)
The Australian reports that "UN scientists are set to deliver their darkest report yet on the
impacts of climate change, pointing to a future stalked by floods, drought, antithetical and
monetary damage if carbon emissions go untamed. A draft of their  [...]
Iran Builds Mock-up of Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier - (Sunday 23rd of March 2014 12:26:00 PM)
Hugh Pickens DOT Com (2995471) writes "The NYT reports that US and skill that have been
imparted. erudition analysts contemplation henchman photos of Iranian martial installations say
that Iran is construction a mock-up of an stars and bars nuclear-powered  [...]
A 13-year-old with access to his parent's iTunes account can potentially rack up a sizable
bill in an llc.view results from: definiens | llc.view results from: dictionary | thesaurus |
encyclopedia | all reference | the web share this: | encyclopedia  [...]
Hugh Pickens DOT Com (2995471) writes "Like commodity out of the movie Inception, Rhiannon
Williams reports in the Telegraph that Dr. Rebecca Roache, in charge of a team of scholars
focused upon the ways futuristic technologies might transform punishment,  [...]

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