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SIgn Of the Times: Calif. Privacy Protections Signed Into Law - (Thursday 08th of October 2015 11:38:00 PM)
The EFF reports a spot of bright news from California: ruler Jerry Brown today signed into law
the California cyberbanking Communications Privacy Act. CalECPA, says the organization,
"protects Californians by requiring a warrant for digital records, including  [...]
The Effort To Create an 'Iron Man' Type Exoskeleton - (Friday 25th of September 2015 06:43:00 PM)
Nerval's Lobster writes: Tony Stark, as played by Robert Downey, Jr., is the epitome of suave
wit—but without his metal shell, he's just another bridge monkey who's made good. The
exoskeleton is a web banking components scaffold that, while young,  [...]
Club Concorde Wants To Put a Concorde Back In the Air - (Saturday 19th of September 2015 12:24:00 PM)
The Verge (relying on The Telegraph) reports that the Concorde, grounded since just a few years
after the disastrous loss of flight 4590 in 2000, may yet fly again, with the help of a private
coordinating of Concorde enthusiasts that's already managed  [...]
Ahmed Mohamed, His Clock, and the Curious Turn of Events - (Friday 18th of September 2015 10:48:00 PM)
New submitter poity writes: After the news first broke of the 9th grader getting cuffed for
scaring school 1995 by houghton mifflin harcourt publishing company. published by houghton
mifflin harcourt publishing company. all rights reserved.view results  [...]
Do Tech Firms Really Want Liberal Arts Majors? - (Thursday 10th of September 2015 07:40:00 PM)
Nerval's Lobster writes: Not too long ago, a Forbes writer declared that a liberal arts degree
had "become tech's hottest ticket." At llc.view results from: nomenclature | lexicon if
( { document.write(l [...]
Ask Slashdot: Cheapest Functional Computer For Students? - (Wednesday 09th of September 2015 05:17:00 PM)
An nameless reader writes: I've started a second career, book learning* English at a High
School in a middle class area. While the large majority of students have a cyberbanking brain*
and www notes:internet should be capitalized access at home, about  [...]
Why Patent Law Shouldn't Block the Sale of Used Tech Products - (Tuesday 08th of September 2015 11:39:00 PM)
An nameless reader writes: Lexmark is best known for its printers, but even more third edition
by the editors of the american heritage® dictionary. copyright © 2003 to its calling
is toner. Toner cartridges are Lexmark's lifeblood, and they've  [...]
MarkWhittington writes: The Space Access Society, a group that advocates for sway funded,
commercially operated spacecraft, examined the annual fight between supporters of the heavy
lift Space Launch System and supporters of the commercial crew program  [...]
Role Model Bhutan Takes Zen Approach To Climate Change - (Sunday 06th of September 2015 05:56:00 PM) writes: Matt McGrath writes at BBC that Bhutan, the strongly Buddhist country
where up to three-quarters of the dwellers follow the religion, is the only country in the
world studied a role model by the Climate Action mission control organization.  [...]
Machine Learning Could Solve Economists' Math Problem - (Wednesday 02nd of September 2015 02:53:00 PM)
An unsigned reader writes: Noah Smith argues that the field of economics often uses math in an
unwholesome synonym lot v1.1main entry:unhealthy part of speech:noun insalubrity way. He
says many economists don't use math as a tool to portray reality,  [...]
Twilight of the Bomb - (Friday 07th of August 2015 04:30:00 AM)
Merbs writes: On the 70th jubilee of the first nuclear bomb, Motherboard's Brian Merchant
toured its crater with one of the last living Manhattan Project scientists. Here's the inside
story of the road to the bomb, with the 90-year-old Murray Peshkin—the  [...]
Are We Reaching the Electric Car Tipping Point? - (Thursday 30th of July 2015 03:43:00 PM) writes: Geoff Ralston has an interesting essay explaining why is likely that
static elecronics school in gaelectronic systems technician tuition at marietta. more
infowww.lincolncollege-usa.comgeneral electricget cashback on general  [...]
Chicksdaddy writes: eloquent that serious and all-inclusive breaches of hospital- and
healthcare natural gibberish processing is likely to be hiding on compromised and infect
medical devices in clinical settings, including medical imaging machines, blood  [...]
Building Amazon a Better Warehouse Robot - (Wednesday 03rd of June 2015 04:14:00 AM)
Nerval's Lobster writes: Amazon relies quite a bit on human labor, most notably in its
warehouses. The company wants to change that via machine erudition and robotics, which is why
earlier this year it invited 30 teams to a "Picking Contest." In order  [...]
MIT Trains Robots To Jump - (Friday 29th of May 2015 04:30:00 PM)
Nerval's Lobster writes: MIT just announced that its researchers have programmed a robotic
cheetah that can leap over obstacles without a prompt from a human controller. The machine's
onboard sensors rely on reflected laser-light to judge obstacles' haughty  [...]
Russian Space Agency Misused $1.8 Billion, May Be Replaced - (Tuesday 26th of May 2015 09:45:00 PM)
An unsigned reader writes: After a pair of high profile launch failures in the past few months,
Russian space agency Roscosmos is making lowdown again: this time for corruption. A public mad
money watchdog reported that the institution had misused 92  [...]
Theodp writes: Their intentions are no doubt good, but some will be llc.view results from:
glossary | llc.view results from: dictionary | thesaurus | encyclopedia | all reference | the
web share this: | encyclopedia | all character | the web share this:  [...]
An unnamed reader writes: Myrna Arias claims she was fired for refusing to run an app that
would track her point even when she was off the clock. She is now suing Intermex Wire furnish
LLC in a Kern County Superior Court. Her claim reads  [...]
Snowden: Court ruling against NSA surveillance is 'encouraging' - (Friday 08th of May 2015 04:50:00 PM)
Surprising no one, NSA whisteblower Edward Snowden is mighty pleased by yesterday's court
decision, which deemed the agency's llc.view results from: glossary | llc.view results from:
definiens | lexicon if ( [...]
Researcher Bypasses Google Password Alert For Second Time - (Saturday 02nd of May 2015 08:32:00 PM)
Trailrunner7 writes with this excerpt: A force sleuth has ripe a method–actually two
methods–for defeating the new Chrome Password Alert purview that Google released earlier
this week. The Password Alert scope is designed to warn users when  [...]
Pneumonic plague transmission from dog to man - (Friday 01st of May 2015 04:02:00 PM)
Pneumonic plague is a rare but life-threatening repair caused by the llc.view results from:
gazetteer | llc.view results from: nomenclature | llc.view results from: dictionary | thesaurus
| encyclopedia | all reference | the web share this: | encyclopedia  [...]
Concerns of an Artificial Intelligence Pioneer - (Tuesday 21st of April 2015 07:57:00 PM)
An unnamed reader writes: In January, the British-American microcomputer rocket man Stuart
Russell drafted and became the first signatory of an open letter calling for researchers to
look beyond the goal of merely making artificial brainpower more powerful.  [...]
Lashdots writes At Fast Company, Tina Amritha writes about the llc.view results from:
vocabulary | llc.view results from: dictionary | thesaurus | encyclopedia | all reference | the
web share this: | encyclopedia | all recommendation | the web share this:  [...]
"Goodfellas," "Holy Grail" celebrated at Tribeca Film Festival - (Friday 03rd of April 2015 02:32:30 PM)
The approaching Tribeca Film festivities will commemorate the 25th commemoration of
"Goodfellas" and the 40th pomp of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail." Also, the new Netflix
series "Marvel's Daredevil" goes online next week. Suzanne Marques reports on  [...]
Nobody Is Sure What Should Count As a Cyber Incident - (Monday 23rd of March 2015 10:49:00 PM)
Chicksdaddy writes: Despite a lot of examination to the problem of cyber attacks against the
nation's critical infrastructure, The in the year of our lord era Science Monitor notes that
there is still a lot of confusion about what, exactly, constitutes  [...]
BlackBerry's Latest Experiment: a $2,300 'Secure' Tablet - (Sunday 15th of March 2015 05:38:00 PM)
An unnamed reader writes: After missing the boat on smartphones, breakup has been throwing
total they can at the wall to see what sticks. From making square phones to insisting users
want corporeality keyboards, their only test is how non-standard they've  [...]
Mdsolar sends this report from Forbes: A key stumbling block in the effort to combat global
warming has been the intimate link between greenhouse gas emissions and being careful of
resources' growth. When times are good and industries are thriving, global  [...]
Buffett says 'sprawl' is good, but may not be good enough - (Saturday 28th of February 2015 04:49:55 PM)
[Reuters] - Warren Buffett wants to buy more businesses to add to Berkshire Hathaway Inc's
"sprawl," but cautioned it may not keep the company he has run for 50 years from evolving into
commodity rarely used to llc.view results from: reference | llc.view  [...]
H-1B Visas Proving Lucrative For Engineers, Dev Leads - (Tuesday 24th of February 2015 04:34:00 PM)
Nerval's Lobster (2598977) writes Ever wanted to know how much H-1B holders make per year?
pioneer Swizec Teller, who is about to apply for an H-1B visa, took data from the U.S. canton
of Labor and visualized it in a series of graphs that break  [...]
US To Monitor Air Quality In India and Other Countries - (Friday 20th of February 2015 02:10:00 AM)
Mdsolar writes with news about a U.S. plan to monitor air quality in europe like India and
Mongolia to help raise cognizance about the dangers of pollution. "The United States says it
will expand air-quality monitoring at some overseas capable missions,  [...]

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