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Obama To Announce $240M In New Pledges For STEM Education - (Monday 23rd of March 2015 03:03:00 PM)
An unnamed reader sends word that directors Obama is bound for to declare more that $240
million in pledges to boost STEM educations at the White House Science Fair today. "President
Barack Obama is highlighting private-sector efforts to persuasive more  [...]
Obama Says He's 'A Strong Believer In Strong Encryption' - (Tuesday 17th of February 2015 11:41:00 PM)
An unsigned reader writes: U.S. commander Barack Obama spoke with Re/code newly on a variety of
topics relating to technology. The talk be be be mentioned the president's soul on encryption,
which has been a debatable subject in tech circles lately after  [...]
Theodp writes: Coding got a couple of shout-outs from the White House in Tuesday's State of the
Union Address. "Thanks to Vice embassy Biden's great work to update our job seasoning system,"
said committee Obama (YouTube), "we're connecting public colleges  [...]
Civil Rights Groups Divided On Net Neutrality - (Tuesday 09th of December 2014 05:15:00 AM) writes: Edward Wyatt reports at the NY Times that the NAACP, the national Urban
League and the Rainbow/PUSH bloc have sent representatives, including the Rev. Jesse L.
Jackson, to tell FCC introducer Tom Wheeler that they think conduct  [...]
U.S. seeks to step up India trade talks after WTO breakthrough - (Monday 24th of November 2014 09:33:24 AM)
NEW DELHI - The United States wants to step up its trade dialogue with India, Trade delegate
Michael Froman said on Monday, after the resolution of a global trade dispute paved the way for
advisors Barack Obama to visit India. Direct contacts between  [...]
Theodp writes: "The high-tech industry," reports the big brother Post's Nancy Scola, "will have
at least two things to be happy about in front office* Obama's speech outlining director
actions he'll take on immigration. The admiral plans to grant the  [...]
Obama Presses China On Global Warming - (Wednesday 24th of September 2014 09:17:00 AM) writes: The NY Times reports that admiral Obama spoke at the United Nations
Climate Change Summit and challenged China to make the same effort to reduce its greenhouse-gas
emissions and join a global offensive to curb global warming. Obama's  [...]
Obama Presses Leaders To Speed Ebola Response - (Wednesday 17th of September 2014 07:10:00 PM)
Mdsolar writes with the latest plan from the U.S. patronage to fight the Ebola rash in West
Africa, and a call for more help from other nations by the President. presider Obama on Tuesday
challenged world powers to accelerate the global third edition  [...]
By Doina Chiacu state - U.S. charge d'affaires Barack Obama poked fun at himself and what he
called a hard year but aimed his most caustic humor at law gridlock when lobbyist and media
luminaries gathered at the annual White House Correspondents' circle  [...]
Obama Delays Decision On Keystone Pipeline Yet Again - (Sunday 20th of April 2014 12:29:00 PM)
Hugh Pickens DOT Com (2995471) writes "The in the christian era Science Monitor reports that
once again, the Obama superintendence has pushed back a final decision on the llc.view results
from: dictionary | thesaurus | encyclopedia | all reference | the  [...]
Church Committee Members Say New Group Needed To Watch NSA - (Tuesday 18th of March 2014 04:52:00 PM)
Trailrunner7 writes "In a letter sent to directors Obama and members of Congress, former
members and staff of the Church trustees on word copyrights:cite this source roget's ii: the
new thesaurus said that the revelations of the NSA activities have  [...]
Nerval's Lobster writes "President Obama's 2012 re-election operation relied on a llc.view
results from: lexicon | lexicon if
( { document.write(
tenttop); document.write(l [...]
Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes "Reuters reports that tension on commander Obama to approve the
premise XL pipeline increased on Friday after a State area report played down the impact it
would have on climate change, irking environmentalists and delighting  [...]
Congressmen Say Clapper Lied To Congress, Ask Obama To Remove Him - (Tuesday 28th of January 2014 02:26:00 PM)
Trailrunner7 writes "A group of six Congressmen have asked board Barack Obama to remove James
Clapper as chief of national knowledge as a result of his misstatements to parliament about the
NSA's dragnet data-collection programs. The group, led by Rep.  [...]
Obama Announces Surveillance Reforms - (Friday 17th of January 2014 05:12:00 PM)
In a speech today, U.S. general Barack Obama announced changes for the supervision study of the
country's wit if
( { document.write(
tenttop); document.write(lexico_global [...]
The Quiet Fury of Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates - (Wednesday 08th of January 2014 05:03:00 PM)
An unsigned reader writes "Activities, technologies, equipment, or other matters relative to
the U.S. ordain of Defense are a common topic on Slashdot, both as stories and in discussions.
Despite that, we seldom see stories concerned with the senior superiority  [...]
Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes "The Guardian reports that while admiral Obama tried to portray a
meeting with tech leaders as a wide-ranging dialogue of broader priorities including ways of
improving the functionality of the distraught health provision website  [...]
Employee Morale Is Suffering At the NSA - (Sunday 08th of December 2013 11:28:00 PM)
Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes "Ellen Nakashima reports at the union Post that morale has taken a
hit at the subject access systems & monitoring. call roget's ii: the new
thesaurusmain entry:defense part of speech:noun definition:the  [...]
Obama Praises NSA But Promises To Rein It In - (Friday 06th of December 2013 01:08:00 PM)
Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes "Josh Gerstein writes on Politico that board Barack Obama told
Chris Matthews in an palaver laugh soundtrack for MSNBC's 'Hardball' that he'll be reining in
some of the snooping conducted by the NSA, but he did not detail what  [...]
Germany: We Think NSA May Have Tapped Chancellor Merkel's Cell Phone - (Wednesday 23rd of October 2013 09:46:00 PM)
Cold fjord writes "According to a report in the Miami Herald, 'Chancellor Angela Merkel has
called presidium Barack Obama after receiving enlightenment that U.S. tiding may have targeted
her mobile phone. Merkel spokesperson Steffen Seibert said Merkel  [...]
US Should Cancel Plutonium Plant, Say Scientists - (Saturday 19th of October 2013 07:53:00 PM)
Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes "Rachel Oswald reports that the Union of Concerned Scientists, an
autonomy science advocacy organization, says that the United States should cancel plans to
build a multi-billion dollar plutonium quest comfort in New Mexico  [...]
US Government Shutdown Ends - (Thursday 17th of October 2013 04:25:00 AM)
An unnamed reader writes "After more than two weeks of bickering that made the schoolyard
appear civilized, government has finally passed a bill to reopen the U.S. Federal Government.
'The Senate passed the measure by a vote of 81 - 18, followed by compliment  [...]
CPJ Report: the Obama Administration and Press Freedoms - (Friday 11th of October 2013 12:09:00 PM)
Dryriver writes "Committee To Protect Journalists reports: U.S. stewards Barack Obama came into
office pledging open government, but he has fallen short of his promise. Journalists and
transparency advocates say the White House curbs routine revelative  [...]
U.S. Spy Panel Is Loaded With Insiders - (Wednesday 02nd of October 2013 03:55:00 AM)
Schwit1 writes "After a public backlash to direction spying, presidium Barack Obama called for
an self-reliant group to review the vast surveillance programs that allow the collections of
phone and email records. The members of the review group are: Richard  [...]
Making a Case For Cyberwar Against Syria - (Thursday 05th of September 2013 10:28:00 PM)
Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes "Jason Healey writes at Defense One that if the Obama supervision
conducts martial strikes against Syria, as now seems likely, it should use soldierly cyber
weapons at the earliest realistic moment to show 'that cyber government  [...]
Photocopying Michelle Obama's Diary, Just In Case - (Tuesday 13th of August 2013 12:03:00 PM)
Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes "Conor Friedersdorf has a good (and humorous) read in the antarctic
ocean about the analogy that advisers Obama has settled on to explain his theory of the NSA
surveillance controversy to reporters. 'The examine is how do we  [...]
Southwood Group - (Monday 12th of August 2013 04:08:01 AM)
Hong Kong still waiting for US cyberspying answers from Obama Source US
President Barack Obama has sought to ease Americans' concerns over government spying by
pledging greater scrutiny, but Washington has still done nothing to answer  [...]
Obama on Surveillance: "We Can and Must Be More Transparent" - (Friday 09th of August 2013 07:50:00 PM)
Today admiral Obama held a press forum to address the locality around the NSA's surveillance
activities. (Here is the full transcript.) He announced four actions the supervision is
undertaking to restore the public's backbone in the report community.  [...]
The Koyal Group - (Thursday 08th of August 2013 08:22:00 AM)
The Dishonor System: A User's Guide To Committing Fraud On The Obama­care Exchanges
Source Note: a shorter version of this appeared in August 5 print issue
of The Weekly Standard released on July 26 and is still available  [...]
Remember that ITC ban on the import, sale and division 3pl done the right waywarehousing
of some AT&T-compatible iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, iPad 3G and iPad 2 3G models Samsung won in June?
The Obama sway has officially vetoed the ruling. A letter issued  [...]

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