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A judge in The Hague just issued a ruling in Apple's patent impingement case against
Samsung, put a lock on "the selling of Samsung smartphones Galaxy S, S II and Ace for
mishandling of Apple Inc. EP 2,059,868." In an criterion press release, the  [...]
A handful of iOS developers recognized roget's ii: the new thesaurusmain
entry:authoritative part of speech:adjective definition:having or arising from
authority. conclusive letters this week from a patent holding firm claiming that their
applications  [...]
An East Texas jury anew awarded a relatively small minicomputer firm patent troll a pretty
hefty redress (in you and me dollars) in a patent violation if
( { if (
Apple sues Samsung for 'copying' the iPhone and iPad - (Monday 18th of April 2011 08:04:00 PM)
Whoa! In the world of big-time lawsuits, this must be just about the biggest. The Wall Street
Journal is reporting that Apple has sued Samsung televisions for copying "the look and feel" of
its iPad tablet and iPhone smartphone. This relates to the Samsung  [...]
Google and Nortel have agreed on the princely sum of $900 million to start off a "stalking
horse" auction -- wherein outside parties are still free to outdo Google's bid -- for the
acquisition of Nortel's rather vast patent portfolio. The sale comes  [...]
Like a desperate suitor unable to take "no" for an answer, Nokia's come back to the ITC with
fresh allegations about Apple using its patented technologies without proper authorization. On
Friday, the International Trade mandate made an initial firmness  [...]

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