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(Reuters) - Donald Trump called Meryl Streep an "overrated actress" on Monday after the
three-time Oscar winner launched a assault attack on the U.S. president-elect that again
exposed the rift between Hollywood liberals and firm Americans. Streep turned  [...]
Why To Cover Anyone To Do My Project? - (Friday 01st of April 2016 09:22:01 AM)
Levels of competition has increased in nearly all sphere of life and education is
additionally not an exception to this rule. every and Each pupil has to make an effort to
master their educational job. Just being with the academics is not all to  [...]
Yelp For People To Launch In November - (Thursday 01st of October 2015 04:22:00 PM) writes: Caitlin Dewey reports in the polity Post that 'Peeple' —
basically Yelp, but for humans will launch in November. Subtitled "character is destiny,"
Peeple is an upcoming app that promises to "revolutionize the way we're seen  [...]
California Fights Drought With 96 Million "Shade Balls" - (Thursday 13th of August 2015 12:14:00 PM) writes: Katie Rogers writes in the NY Times that the city of Los Angeles is
releasing 96 million plastic "shade balls" into the 175-acre Los Angeles reserve to help block
sunlight and UV rays that promote algae growth, which would help  [...]
Your Stolen Identity Goes For $20 On the Internet Black Market - (Tuesday 28th of July 2015 01:46:00 PM) writes: Keith Collins writes at Quartz that the going rate for a stolen
identity is about twenty bucks on the the net* black market. Collins analyzed hundreds of
listings for a full set of someone's married  [...]
Internet Dating Scams Target Older American Women - (Sunday 19th of July 2015 08:03:00 PM) writes: The NYT reports: "Janet N. Cook, a church word processor in Virginia,
had been a widow for a decade when she joined an information superhighway dating site and was
quickly subjugate by a rush of emails, phone calls and plans for  [...]
The Courage of Bystanders Who Press "Record" - (Thursday 09th of April 2015 12:02:00 PM) writes Robinson Meyer writes in The antarctic ocean that in the past year,
after the killings of Michael Brown and Tamir Rice, many police departments and police
reformists have agreed on the necessity of police-worn body cameras. But  [...]
Schneier: Everyone Wants You To Have Security, But Not From Them - (Thursday 26th of February 2015 06:30:00 PM)
An unsigned reader writes: Bruce Schneier has written another cute piece about the how modern
tech companies treat security. He points out that most organizations will tell you to secure
your data while at the same time asking to be exempt from that security.  [...]
Rich Olson Embodies the Spirit of the Maker Movement (Video) - (Monday 09th of February 2015 09:15:00 PM)
What kind of person builds a cloud chamber at home in his spare time -- and wants to make it
easy for other people to make them, too? How about someone who uses a 3-D printer to make
shifters for his bicycle? And then there's  [...]
Google Aims To Be Your Universal Translator - (Wednesday 14th of January 2015 08:20:00 PM)
Mpicpp sends word about Google's latest translate technology. "Google is beaming a bit closer
to Star Trek's macrocosm translator with the newest edition of its Translate app. Rolling out
over the next few days for iOS and Android users, the latest version  [...]
The One Mistake Google Keeps Making - (Tuesday 30th of December 2014 05:30:00 PM) writes Gene Marks writes in Forbes newsletter that Google has brought us
innovations that have literally changed our world yet the company continues to make the same
mistake over and over. Google's mistake, which it keeps making, is community  [...]
How To End Online Harassment - (Tuesday 11th of November 2014 10:15:00 AM)
Presto Vivace sends this excerpt from an article at the Kernel, titled 'With Gamergate, it's
not enough to ignore the trolls.' Gendered bigotry against women is widely studious to be "in
bounds" by arpanet commenters (whether they openly acknowledge it  [...]
OwnCloud Dev Requests Removal From Ubuntu Repos Over Security Holes - (Saturday 25th of October 2014 03:14:00 AM)
Operator_error notes a report that ownCloud creator Lukas Reschke has emailed the Ubuntu Devel
mailing list to request that ownCloud (server) be removed from the Ubuntu repositories because
it contains "multiple critical token bugs for which no fixes  [...]
An unsigned reader writes I use email to divulge with my folks overseas. Their ISP only allows
dial-up access to their email account (there is no option of revisal ISP), that can receive
messages no larger than 1MB nor hold more than 15MB (no hope  [...]
Austrian Tor Exit Node Operator Found Guilty As an Accomplice - (Thursday 03rd of July 2014 05:08:00 PM)
An nameless reader writes with this excerpt from TechDirt: Three years ago we wrote about how
Austrian police had seized computer chips from someone running a Tor exit node. This kind of
thing happens from time to time, but it appears that folks in Austria  [...]
"Smart" Gun Seller Gets the Wrong Kind of Online Attention - (Thursday 01st of May 2014 03:36:00 PM)
R3d M3rcury (871886) writes "How's this for a good idea? A gun that won't fire unless it's
within 10 inches of a watch? That's the iP1 from Armatrix. Of course, don't try to sell it here
in the United States." From the NY Times article  [...]
New Facebook Phone App Lets You Stalk Your Friends - (Friday 18th of April 2014 12:05:00 PM)
Hugh Pickens DOT Com (2995471) writes "Iain Thomson reports that Facebook is adding a new form
called 'Nearby Friends' that alerts smartphone users when their friends are nearby. 'If you
turn on Nearby Friends, you'll occasionally be notified when friends  [...]
Hugh Pickens DOT Com (2995471) writes "Like commodity out of the movie Inception, Rhiannon
Williams reports in the Telegraph that Dr. Rebecca Roache, in charge of a team of scholars
focused upon the ways futuristic technologies might transform punishment,  [...]
Smart Racquets Could Transform Tennis - (Tuesday 28th of January 2014 08:02:00 AM)
Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes "L. J. Rick reports at BBC that Babolat has released a tennis
racket with gyroscopes, accelerometers, and a piezoelectric sensor in the handle that can
assess your every shot, sensing where the ball strikes the racquet and  [...]
If you have the Social Fixer spread roget's ii: the new thesaurusmain entry:range part of
speech:noun definition:an area within which something or someone exists installed on your Web
browser, you can post Facebook remark with line breaks you control  [...]
The Linux Backdoor Attempt of 2003 - (Wednesday 09th of October 2013 04:04:00 PM)
Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes "Ed Felton writes about an incident, in 2003, in which someone
tried to backdoor the Linux kernel. Back in 2003 Linux used BitKeeper to store the master copy
of the Linux source code. If a sponsor wanted to propose a  [...]
RMS On Why Free Software Is More Important Now Than Ever Before - (Sunday 29th of September 2013 09:11:00 AM)
Jrepin points out an article by Richard Stallman next up on the 30th red-letter day of the
start of his efforts on the GNU Project. RMS explains why he thinks we should take up to push
for broader embracement of free dos principles. He writes,  [...]
Senators Push To Preserve NSA Phone Surveillance - (Friday 27th of September 2013 07:03:00 AM)
Cold fjord writes "The New York times reports that the moderator of the Senate report
Committee, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), and Vice Chairman, Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA),
are moving a bill forward that would 'change but preserve' the polemical  [...]
Phantom Authors Publish Real Research Paper - (Wednesday 25th of September 2013 06:38:00 PM)
Ananyo writes "Ghost writing is taking on an altogether various synonym obtaining v1.1main
entry:different part of speech:adjective alien meaning in a mysterious case of alleged
scientific fraud. The authors of a paper published in July, which reported  [...]
New submitter kintamanimatt writes with news that someone other than newegg is fighting back
against patent trolls, despite the pursuit case for settling. This time, however, one of the
founders of the Doubleclick ad network has decided to use his 3 money  [...]
By Jethro Nededog LOS ANGELES ( - One of the coups of USA's new darker crime drama,
"Graceland," was landing Aaron Tveit. For years, Hollywood has tried to find some way to bring
the Broadway star into series television. Despite a recurring  [...]
An unnamed reader writes "I run a small windows consulting company who outsources most of its
work to contractors. I market myself as being able to handle any
technological copyrights:cite this source synonym quantity v1.1copyright © 2008 by
lexico  [...]
Hiring Developers By Algorithm - (Sunday 28th of April 2013 08:07:00 PM)
Strudelkugel writes in with a story about how big data is being used to recruit workers. "When
the e-mail came out of the blue last summer, benefaction a shot as a programmer at a San
Francisco start-up, Jade Dominguez, 26, was living off credit card  [...]
Review: Make: Raspberry Pi Starter Kit - (Monday 18th of March 2013 03:58:00 PM)
XWWT writes "A few weeks ago Make offered to send us a sample of its Raspberry Pi Starter Kit
to see if we would do a review of the product. Samzenpus asked around the social work team to
see if there was someone who would  [...]
SXSW: Nate Silver Discusses Data Bias, the Strangeness of Fame - (Monday 11th of March 2013 04:40:00 PM)
Nerval's Lobster writes "Nate Silver feels a little odd about his fame. That's not to say that
he hasn't worked to get to his enviable position. Thanks to his savvy with
prognosticative if ( { if
(  [...]

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