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Seattle may have lost its high-velocity hoops team, but that doesn't mean it's happy if
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Squid extract bridges human / machine divide, cyborgs to become very real - (Wednesday 21st of September 2011 09:04:00 PM)
If we ever manage to capture a live giant squid, researchers at the health center of state
are going to have a field day. advancing minds at the institution's materials science and
social work commune have discovered a use for chitosan -- an extract  [...]
No gamer's escaped the throes of adolescence without hearing the damning refrain, "Video
games'll rot your brain." While scientific inquisition into that claim has so far proved
inconclusive, it turns out the preferred pastime of our digital era could  [...]
It takes a lot of energy for go over systems or data centers to patch up critical errors, but
what if we devoted less power to fixing less urgent issues? That's the basic idea behind EnerJ
-- a new power-saving system that could cut a  [...]
Humor: it's what separates humans from machines, GlaDOS from HAL 9000, and even a good boss
from a great boss. For millennia humor was outwardly unlearnable -- either you had it or you
didn't -- but two health center of regime consonant scientists have  [...]

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