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Amazon Job Posting Hints At New VR Platform - (Wednesday 09th of March 2016 08:10:00 AM)
An nameless reader writes: Amazon is looking to expand its line into the realms of virtual
reality (VR), according to regulation to a recent job site posting looking for someone to lead
the new project. The ad, posted to Amazon's Glassdoor page, is for  [...]
A New Reality For IT: the 18-Month Org Chart - (Tuesday 08th of March 2016 04:35:00 PM)
StewBeans writes: Finding and keeping IT talent is getting increasingly
emulous copyrights:cite this source roget's ii: the new llc.view results from: dictionary |
thesaurus | encyclopedia | all reference | the web share this: and expensive. A head  [...]
Renewable Energy Shows Strong Gain In U.S. - (Wednesday 02nd of March 2016 02:29:00 AM)
WheezyJoe writes: by the book to the US Energy hash Administration, solar, wind, and gas
rule idioms:have the ascendancy new US generating cram in 2016. This year is notable because it
will see the first new nuclear plant brought online in 20 years, contributing  [...]
What Bell Labs Was Like C.1967 - (Monday 15th of February 2016 05:31:00 AM)
New submitter niittyniemi writes: There's a rather interesting photo-gallery over at The
Guardian which gives an show of what life was like at Bell Labs c.1967. This was the year that
Dennis Ritchie joined Bell Labs and went on to produce a body of work  [...]
MIT Inches Closer To ARC Reactor Despite Losing Federal Funding - (Wednesday 03rd of February 2016 08:00:00 PM)
Lucas123 writes: Experimenting with a fusion device over the past 20 years has edged MIT
researchers to their final goal, creating a small and approximately inexpensive ARC reactor,
three of which would produce enough energy to power a city the size of  [...]
Inside NASA's Space Rock Vault - (Saturday 16th of January 2016 09:54:00 PM)
An unnamed reader writes: In an unassuming pile at Johnson Space Center, NASA maintains clean
rooms and employs curators to support its stock of rocks and other matter from elsewhere in the
solar system. Ars got to tour the convenience and take silver  [...]
Grisly Find Suggests Humans Inhabited Arctic 45,000 Years Ago - (Thursday 14th of January 2016 11:15:00 PM)
Sciencehabit points out this story which may rewrite the early history of humans in North
America. From the Sciencemag story: "In August of 2012, an 11-year-old boy made a gruesome find
in a frozen bluff moreover the Arctic Ocean. While exploring the  [...]
Copyright Expires On Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf - (Sunday 03rd of January 2016 04:04:00 PM) writes: Adolf Hitler's Nazi public notice Mein Kampf was by origin printed in
1925 — eight years before Hitler came to power. After Nazi Germany was defeated in 1945,
the Allied forces handed the copyright to the book to the state  [...]
Discogs Turns Record Collectors' Obsessions Into Big Business - (Tuesday 29th of December 2015 06:47:00 PM) writes: Ben Sisario writes at the NYT that Discogs has built one of the most
exhaustive collections of discographical info* in the world, and with 24 million items for
sale, (eBay's music section lists 11 million) Discogs is on track to  [...]
The Missouri-based subject Audio Company, reports Ars Technica, is widespread copyrights:cite
this source synonym collection v1.1copyright © 2008 by lexico publishing group up in a
category that our future-looking selves might twenty years ago  [...]
Report: Google Partners With Ford To Make Self-Driving Cars - (Tuesday 22nd of December 2015 06:42:00 PM)
An unnamed reader writes: A new report from Yahoo Autos says Google and Ford plan to declare a
union notes:a employment is the name used in the united states for a craft convention
established by one or more people who later sell shares in the crowd  [...]
Nicolas Cage To Return Rare Stolen Dinosaur Skull To Mongolia - (Wednesday 23rd of December 2015 01:21:00 AM) writes: Nicolas Cage is known as an avid collector, with exertion that include
real estate, rare cars and comic books: In 2011, he sold a like-new copy of Action Comics No.
1, which be conspicuous the first appearance of Superman, for  [...]
The Real Star Raiders II - (Friday 11th of December 2015 11:44:00 PM)
New submitter Maury Markowitz writes: Star Raiders was the Atari 8-bit home computer's killer
app, inspiring Ted Nelson to claim that "The Atari machine is the most extraordinary
subjective roget's ii: the new thesaurusmain entry:bodily part of
speech:adjective definition:of  [...]
Peter Thiel: We Need a New Atomic Age - (Saturday 28th of November 2015 04:20:00 PM) writes: Peter Thiel writes in the NYT that what's especially strange about the
failed push for renewables is that we already had a practical plan back in the 1960s to become
fully carbon-free without any need of wind or solar: nuclear  [...]
Ask Slashdot: What Single Change Would You Make To a Tech Product? - (Monday 23rd of November 2015 06:06:00 PM)
An nameless reader writes: We live in an age of sorcery. The supercomputers in our pockets are
capable of doing things it took armies of humans to accomplish even a hundred years ago. But
let's face it: we're also complainers at heart. For every incredible,  [...]
Now We Know Why the Hobbit Movies Were So Awful - (Saturday 21st of November 2015 07:41:00 PM) writes: Everyone seems to agree that the key to the success of Peter Jackson's
Lord Of The Rings trilogy was years of careful planned parenthood before staging ever began.
Now Bryan Bishop writes at The Verge that in what can only be described  [...]
[PR Newswire] - MIAMI, Oct. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Aon Benfield, the global reinsurance
intermediary and capital advisor of Aon plc (AON), today announced the enlargement of its
reinsurance and analytical capabilities in the state of Florida. The office  [...]
Walmart Plays Catch-Up With Amazon - (Friday 23rd of October 2015 03:14:00 PM) writes: gospel to James B. Stewart in the NY Times, for the past 16 years
Walmart has often acted as though it hoped Amazon would just go away. When Walmart announced
last week that it was significantly increasing its bail in e-commerce,  [...]
Muscular dystrophy, which affects approximately 250,000 people in the U.S., occurs when damaged
muscle tissue is replaced with fibrous, fatty or bony tissue and loses function. For years,
scientists have searched for a way to successfully treat the most  [...]
US Will Clean Area In Spain Where Hydrogen Bombs Fell - (Tuesday 20th of October 2015 10:06:00 PM) writes: Rafael Minder writes in the NY Times that almost 50 years after coming
close to at all provoking a nuclear disaster, receptionist of State John Kerry, next years of
wrangling between Spain and the U.S., signed an agreement to remove  [...]
Ewan Palmer writes with news that police are no longer guarding the Ecuadorian Embassy where
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been taking refuge for the past three years. by the
numbers to IBTImes: "London police has announced it will remove the consecrated  [...]
The History of City-Building Games - (Monday 12th of October 2015 06:06:00 AM)
An unsigned reader writes: If you ask most gamers, the first city-building game they played was
SimCity, or some sequel thereof. Though SimCity ended up defining the genre for years, it was
far from the first. This article goes through the history of  [...]
Artists Create a 1000-Year GIF Loop - (Saturday 03rd of October 2015 02:28:00 PM)
Jovius writes: Finnish artists Juha van Ingen and Janne Särkelä have ripe a
outstanding GIF called AS Long As Possible, which loops once per 1000 years. The 12 gigabyte
GIF is made of 48,140,288 marked frames, that change about every 10 minutes.  [...]
The Decline of 'Big Soda': Is Drinking Soda the New Smoking? - (Saturday 03rd of October 2015 10:58:00 PM) writes: Margot Sanger-Katz reports in the NYT that soda use is experiencing a
serious and sustained decline as sales of full-calorie soda in the United States have plummeted
by more than 25 percent over the past twenty years. Nearly two-thirds  [...]
30 Years a Sysadmin - (Thursday 01st of October 2015 08:28:00 PM)
Itwbennett writes: Sandra Henry-Stocker's love affair with Unix started in the early 1980s when
she 'was quickly enamored of the command line and how much [she] could get done using pipes and
duty like grep.' Back then, she was working on a Zilog minicomputer,  [...]
Chicksdaddy writes: Everybody recognizes that open source dos incredibly valuable, by if and
only if a way to streamline the constitution of new applications and services. But how
valuable, exactly? The Linux brass tacks has released a new probe paper  [...]
[PR Newswire] - WORCESTER, Mass., Sept. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Hanover indemnity Group,
Inc., (THG) today announced that Robert A. Stuchbery will assume broader responsibilities as
board of international management study of The Hanover. In this  [...]
Dkatana writes: Vint Cerf, one of the archaic creators of today's internet, wrote a letter
asking everyone to engage to create the root of the next internet. He said, "As or
signals. communion forms evolve, it will be preeminent to embalm one of the oldest:  [...]
Is There Too Much New Programming On TV? - (Saturday 05th of September 2015 09:19:00 AM) writes: John Koblin writes in the NY Times that there's a crisis in video
information retrieval felt among executives, viewers and critics, and it's the result of one
thing: There is simply too much on television. John Landgraf, chief  [...]
Cities Wasting Millions of Taxpayer's Money In Failed IoT Pilots - (Monday 31st of August 2015 05:51:00 PM)
Dkatana writes: Two years ago at the Smart Cities Expo World Congress, Antoni Vives, then
Barcelona's second deputy mayor, said he refused to have more high tech* pilots in the city: "I
hate pilots, if anyone of you [technology companies] comes to me  [...]

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