7/16/2014 - What Link Building Service An SEO Company Would Advise After the Google Farmer update
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Google gone ahead with said to be the most grave algorithm update in last February 2011 that took the total Web optimization planet by storm. This farmer modification aka Farmer update slap so many article directories and web 2.0 sites that website owners along with SEO company society got puzzled for a good period of time. It looks that Google is after duplicate subject matter revealed on the article directories and various web 2.0 sites and modified their algorithm to undervalue such type of websites.

Thus which websites got affected? If you have been utilizing article submission as a part of your link building approach, then you have got to know Ezine articles. And if you are doing some learning and see what works, or did work until panda modification, then you must have used the admired web 2.0 properties for traffic and link building so must be acquainted with Squidoo and Hubpages. All these web pages got hit by farmer and lost their traffic extensively.

So the quiz is, what works now? Or more prominently, should you yet carry on to use article submission as a part of your link building method?

What worked earlier still works at this time. You really need to take a little different line of attack regarding your link building campaign. While an SEO company has many resource and can do their own study to test assorted methods that work, you as a personal link builder not going through that much depth just keep doing what you did before avoiding the popular sites that are within Google radar.

There are ton of article directories out there that would accept your articles. Google cannot manually penalize all those websites so what a smart SEO company would do at this point is to put together a list of article sites combining some popular article sites along with some small sites that are beyond Google radar.

Link building currently is a total unique practice. Even though you are using the same methodology and using article submission service as a part of your link building method, articles distributed to lot of smaller article sites often don’t get indexed by itself. Despite the fact that some will get indexed over time, you can expect about 30% index rate if you not do anything else after the submission.

While 30% index rate from a distinct mass submission to few hundred article sites is not bad, you can boost that scale by doing a little work yourself to get them indexed. Keeping the record of where you distributed your articles, put together the list of live links, and then pinging them or bookmarking them, or using some indexing tools can get the index rate up to high 90% which will unquestionably offer you the competitive edge. Link Building

This is a ton of work of course if you are all doing them by yourself. You need to go through this process if you want to stay in the game or else rest assured realizing that your opponents will be doing them to outrank you.

If you are not certain how to submit to hundreds of article sites and get the links indexed, then you can hire an SEO company who can do the job for you. If you are managing one site or two, you can do all your own link building. However, if you are a full time internet marketer, then you must hire a link building service provider or an SEO company for your article submission service to stay within the competition.

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