10/16/2009 - Continuation of a tragic tale
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Time for the continuation of a tragic tale, a tale of cancer and suffering. So like I last said I had spent eight years drinking, drugging and basically trying to take my own life when perchance I met a woman. Who would want to put up with such a wretch was beyond me but I guess this woman must have felt sorry for me or something. We started dating and things quickly blossomed up and out. My first motorcycle, a 1982 Kawasaki 440 LTD had gotten run over by a drunk in a Caddy Coupe' DeVille so my new girlfriend introduced me to her friend Mike who as it turns out had a custom Kawasaki for sale! Jackpot! This bike was the nuts! Pearl Black and Chrome! my new best friend! I began to travel long and hard and it wasn't long before I began to feel that my present living arangment was not condusive to my recovery so my new girlfriend suggested we get a place together. I quickly took her up on the offer wanting nothing more than to get away from the drugs and the booze! so we got moved in together and for the first month it was hell! I would wake up in the middle of the night panting and sweating from some of the nastiest drug dreams I have ever had! but after a short time they subsided and I began to feel better unfortunately for me as I began to come around to the sober way of thinking it was apparent that my relationship with my girlfriend was going to go sour and that right soon! So I enroled in a local echnical school and decided to try to become a PC Technician. I studied hard and lo and behold.... I graduated with a 3.8 g.p.a. I was on my way baby! so things with my girlfriend went from bad to worse and one day as I was coming home from my night of classes there on the front porch were all her friends, yes folks it was time for yours truly to pick up stakes once again and move on! So move on I did and to another temporary home whe I was allowed to finish school and once again the axe fell and I was forced to move once again! This time it was to a rooming house and I felt comfortable for a short while I got my first job as an M.I.S. Technician working in Boston MA. for a prestigious U.K. Based furniture and clothing company. Office politics and bikers do not go hand in hand so off to the next job I went. I became a bench tech, the one thing in school they warned us against but the fit was perfect! Yes folks I had come into my own finally! I was still drawing disability and working part time I had a new girlfriend, actually we had known each other for quite some time and she was married when we first met so nothing ever happened but in the summer of 1997 I perchance heard that her husband had died and that she could be mine so we decided to give it a shot. and for the next five years things went swimmingly! We had it all a nice home with a pool, a car, I had a motorcycle we had money all the time we went out to eat at least once a week and the bills were always current never in arrears! But like the man says "All good things must come to an end" I was working for another high end company this time I really had thought that I'd made it I was making more than 40k a year when the bottom dropped out, when the money dried up so did the romance. My girl and I began fighting all the time and in the summer of 2001 we decided to call it quits I got the house she got the car and the cash. And back to the drugs I went, collecting un-employment and working as a cabbie nights. Oxycontin was my very best friend! I continued to go that route for the better part of the next 4 years, until I couldn't afford the drugs anymore. Tired of being dopesick in the summer of 2005 I enroled in a drug treatment program for opiate dependancy and for a very short time I was whacked every day on Methadone, that was until my tollerance for the drugs kicked in and I tried so desprately to get high in other ways I started doing downers and found that combined with the Methadone I got just the buzz I was looking for! I met another married woman and she fell in love with me although I refused to let myself fall in love with her! I knew better, there's nothing worse than being hooked on drugs and emotionally distraught over a woman at the same time! So I'd been cancer free for the better part of 19 years when I decided to get off the Methadone clinic and with the help of my new girlfriend I walked off and she fed me percocet for the better part of a year. After getting off the Methadone I figured the Percocet would be a breeze but I began to feel that old familiar pain and off to the doctor I went once again and to no one's surprise I once again have cancer! I told my girlfriend I was leaving her and the big city and don't you know it the day before I left the local police showed up at my door ready to charge me with rape! Yes folks she cried rape and now that brings us to the present day. I am here in the little village far from the big city but my ex-girlfriend is still trying to make my life a living hell but little does she know my time here is short and I will never see jail time! Thanx for listening to my story from here on in it will be just updates leading to my death day party and all are invited to that!
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