2/13/2006 - Save the Earth!

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It's nice to see retails like the 711 playing their part to use less of plastic bags to protect the environment. Recently, they have introduced their own nice little fabric tote bag that you could purchase at most outlets. You are encourage to use it for your next shopping trip. I think I will give it a pass..not so suitable for guys! However, I do play my part by not having my items put into any plastic bag whenever I shop at 711. Here's an interesting article:


Recently, a group of 86 evangelical Christians began a campaign Wednesday that links their faith with an attempt to fight global warming.
The leaders, who face opposition from some conservative evangelicals, want the U.S. government to pass legislation requiring the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels.

The group said Christians, and the U.S. government, have a responsibility to cut emissions of carbon dioxide, methane and other gases that trap heat in the atmosphere like a greenhouse. Many scientists believe these gases have intensified recent hurricanes, heat waves, disease outbreaks and droughts.
The group's call for political action will be backed by advertisements in The New York Times and other publications, and by television and radio commercials.
"We want to engage Americans," said Rev. Jim Ball, the publisher of Creation Care magazine. "We feel that as evangelical leaders our responsibility here is in the United States."
The Rev. Leith Anderson, a former president of the National Association of Evangelicals, said the group's effort marked an important change in the evangelical community, where many are realizing that some issues, such as global warming, AIDS and other humanitarian crises, need strong government involvement. That notion runs counter to the views of certain conservatives.
"We're acknowledging the fact that our government has to take action," Anderson said.
The group's efforts have sparked criticism by other evangelicals, some of whom question the scientific evidence on global warming.
During Wednesday's news conference, a reporter asked how the group planned to persuade those evangelicals who believe the earth is merely thousands of years old to believe scientists who say global warming is a real phenomenon and made worse by humans.
Paul de Vries of the New York Divinity School answered that, "However old a person may believe the Earth is, all of us believe that it was made and it was good. Therefore, whatever we have done with it has been messing up God's creation, and we have a responsibility."

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2/13/2006 - Untitled Comment

Posted by Anonymous
Yalor, it's so true what Paul de Vries states in his statement. Everyone has a responsiblity and a part to play in preserving our planet earth.
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2/13/2006 - I think...

Posted by Anonymous
generally...asians are not too keen in such issue...always about the many trees have been destroyed in of us will play our part no matter how small...

black feline
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2/14/2006 - A little effort ...

Posted by Black Rose
I notice Carrefour Hypermarket had already started quite sometime ago encouraging customers to use less of plastic bags...Perhaps NTUC should consider doing likewise...I have praises for Suntec City Management for their efforts also...Different bins are placed and marked for collection of glasses, plastics, papers for recycling purposes at office towers and shopping malls. In my subconscious mind, somehow I do remember them and whenever I want to discard items, i will bring them to my office and place them in the respective bins...

Ministry of Environment should consider placing recycling bins at housing estates la....
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2/14/2006 - familiar leh

Posted by Anonymous
black rose u work in suntec huh? i know a friend lim kim ling also working there leh! do u know her?

black meesiam
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