5/31/2016 - Fight Like A Samurai
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Wanna fight?
Yeah, I thought so.
You couldn’t defend yourself if your life depended on it.
Guys, you have this tough guy business all wrong. Fighting isn’t about getting tight and trading hooks with a dude because he looked at you funny.
Naw, that’s what boys do.
But we’re men. Right?
Of course.
The art of fighting is rooted in emotional control. It’s about awareness, knowing how to resolve conflicts peacefully, and turning to violence only as a last resort.
Checkout what the great samurai, Miyamoto Musashi, said about self-control.
“In strategy your spiritual bearing must not be any different from normal. In normal times, and in times of combat, try to be no different: Keep your mind broad and straight; do not stretch it taut; do not allow it to grow in the least lax; do not make it lean to one side but hold it at the center; keep it quietly fluid, doing your best to maintain it in a fluid state even while it is fluid.”
A grown man doesn’t get into verbal and physical conflicts on a whim. He knows you can't actually "win" an argument or fight. The more invested you are in a dispute, the more vulnerable you become. And no man wants to be caught slipping.
This is why you must develop internal strength, becoming impervious to slights that upset sensitive people.
Acting out emotionally is no longer an option. Your only choice is self-control. Trivialities can't move you. You’re onto bigger and better things.
Besides, your woman is looking to you for protection and leadership. If your reactions are feminine, she will lose respect for you, if she ever had any.
And, of course, emotionalism will undermine your efforts to achieve business and financial success, keeping you stifled and frustrated.
Can you trust a man that can’t handle life’s pressures and challenges?
No way.
So be a man people respect, tighten up your mental frame!
If you faithfully work on the four areas listed below, your self-control will develop, taking you to new levels of understanding:
•    Emotional Awareness
•    Assertive Speech
•    Self-affirming Boundaries
•    Regular Exercise/Martial Arts
Remember, fight with your mind and victory is assured.

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