2/4/2016 - Will Hillary Be Prosecuted?
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As Sunday’s debate got underway, Americans took to the internet to Google about the two leading Democrat candidates, Senator Bernard Sanders, and Hillary Clinton. Of the two, Hillary dominated Google searches as everyone sought to know, “will Hillary be prosecuted?”

The question directly cuts her scores in the presidential race since everyone is concerned about her legal activities surrounding her private email server that she housed in her home’s basement at the time that she served as the country’s secretary of state.

A Quinnipiac poll that was released the previous month, 59% of the American population feel or believe that Mrs. Clinton is not clear of the accusations leveled against her concerning the private email server that is being investigated by the FBI.

Even as most people sought to know if Hillary Clinton would face criminal charges, the second search query that dominated the internet is, “what did Hillary Clinton do that was illegal?” A lot of Americans seem to be in the dark concerning the whole case and are seeking answers on Google and other search engines about the core at Hillary’s private server.

Other searches that came through were of her closest Democrat ticket race competitor Sanders on “Why Bernie Sanders is so popular?” and “why is Martin O’Malley running for the presidency?”

The Clinton Woes

The Clinton’s woes are nothing new. What they started in the late 90’s when the then US president, Bill Clinton, was involved in a sex scandal that also affected Hillary’s reputation in the public domain. However, Bill managed to fight the scandal and survive an impeachment motion that almost ended his presidency. After these woes, Bill once again became a favorite of the American people, and his warm smile could be seen everywhere within the nation for the remaining few years of the millennia. As Hillary’s presidential campaign kicked off, a lot of questions sparked in many minds on whether Hillary Clinton would use her husband as a liability or asset during the campaigns (though sex wasn’t the topic this time round).


But as Bill was gearing up at the start of January to campaign for his wife, Trump pulled the dirty card on them by reminding the nation of his allegations and affairs that hit Bill’s career in the 1990’s. Trump said it was fair that the country talks about what Trump termed as “tremendous abuse of women.” The statements brought heat on some Republicans fearing that Trumps words could earn Clintons more favor in people’s eyes as it had been witnessed in the 90’s. (In fact, Trump’s first wife accused him of marital rape).

There are however claims that the rape victim, Juanita Broaddrick, had confronted Hillary Clinton about her husband’s acts. Even though the scandal was a heated debate in the 90’s people are starting to give it attention and the latest scandal in the Clinton’s family, the private email server that Hillary Clinton had stored in her home’s basement.

Hillary’s Private Email Server

So what’s actually in Clinton’s emails that have got the whole nation talking? Initially, Hillary surrendered her server to the state and part of the emails was released to the public which mostly concerned the Benghazi attack. But an enormous chunk of information surrounding the email’s contents is still being withheld but the state under public records laws.

Many expected the emails to contain some image damaging material that would tarnish Hillary’s name, but as far as the investigations have gone, nothing of that sort has popped up. Most of the emails have been termed boring by many news agencies. What makes the emails interesting is the level of classification that ought to have been used when sending or receiving the emails during the period Hillary served as the secretary of state. The big question is how much content of classified information did she send, or receive, using her private email server at the time of her tenure in government?

Clinton still maintains that she did not commit any crime knowingly (referring to sending or receiving of classified data) using her private email server. More emails have recently surfaced that she had not handed over to the state.

The Connection Between Benghazi And Hillary

A group of attackers overran the U.S consulate stationed in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. The attack left the US ambassador to Libya and three more Americans dead. Republicans have in the past claimed that the then secretary of state Hillary Clinton had failed to protect US citizen lives in Libyan installations and had attempted to twist the events as spontaneous attacks while having the knowledge that they were pre-planned attacks by terrorists.

The attack on the U.S consulate has taken many forms since it happened and the current conspiracy talk has been about a cover-up of the incident by the US government. There is a House Committee that was commissioned to investigate what happened and the aftermath. The committee is still investigating up-to-date.

It was the Benghazi attack, through an investigation, that the nation came to learn about Hillary Clinton’s private email server. The issue is as fresh as if it happened yesterday with no end to it in sight anytime soon.

Will Hillary Be Prosecuted?

As of now, Trey Gowdy is the person who holds the cards that can lead to Hillary’s prosecution. He is the lead investigator in the case, and there is a worry among some Americans that Hillary might face prosecution for withholding information about the server from President Barrack Obama. The Federal law makes it a crime for security clearance holders to fail to tell superiors when ‘gross negligence’ causes a security breach. Since Obama was Hillary’s superior, she could face the law if the president was not aware.

In a “60 minute” interview in October, President Obama flatly denied having knowledge of Hillary’s private servers and that she had breached protocol. Does this serve as an indicator of her facing charges? It is still too early to tell, and it will keep the nation on its toes for a while.

Hillary is not yet off the hook since investigations by the FBI are still ongoing. Even as the election dates near, Americans are eager to know the final fate of this scandal. One thing that is clear is that this fresh scandal will, in one way or another, dent the reputation of the Clinton family for a long time to come. So far, the scandal has seen Hillary lose some points in the Democrats camp. Both opponents within the party and outside keep using the scandal to their advantage, and this might probably stop after the elections have finally taken place.

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