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Didier Grossemy first pioneered the delivery of e-transformation to companies around the world to streamline processes and communications though the integration of web tools and integrated marketing strategies. Didier Grossemy e-transformation is the result of empowerment and integration of Digital technologies that transform companies by reducing their overheads while building efficiencies and increasing their revenues. Welcome to the art of digital transformation. Didier Grossemy transforms the marketing function in companies by aligning a business’s marketing function with the company agenda of profit and growth. There are fundamentally three aspects to the organizing principle of e-transformation 1. Marketing Architecture – Strategic Marketing Design 2. Marketing Infrastructure – Integration, Marketing Technology, Expertise and People 3. Proprietary Brand Value Approach – Methods for building Brand Leaders Didier Grossemy e-transformation methodology for growth and profit offset issues of media audience fragmentation, global oversupply and the requirement for new expertise and approaches to deal with the digital nature of the new consumer amongst other economic issues. Didier Grossemy constantly train and educate a global team of consultants to provide the services needed in your business and make a difference. The global trained team allows you to gain access from Didier Grossemy knowledge and apply strategic decisions that will e-transform your business. Most people think of the Internet that having a website is the key to success says Didier Grossemy. In fact having a website is only the start of your Digital presence. Does having a website means that you are e-transforming your business? Maybe if you are using the right technologies such as, content management system (CMS), e-commerce, e-learning or any other platform that will streamline one or more of your internal processes for delivering information and or products and services.
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thank you! :-)
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hi! thanks for the comment and also for the welcome. yeah, i'm looking forward to write many blogs because i'm avoiding boredom as much as possible. anyway, good luck with the martial arts!
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Pardon? Clone me? ...well, I don't see any particular problem, so long as you explain the process. Go ahead!
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Thanks for the encouragement. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but I do intend to keep writing
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Thanks for the comment
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oh hello. thnx for your comment.
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Thanks for the encouraging comment! GREAT bLOG by the way
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ummmmm hi
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Thanks for the website for St. Hubby!!! Nervous twitch, or subconciously trying to hitchhike outta the holidays? :) Take care.
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Thanks for stopping by my updated blog. I appreciate you reading my blog and know that I keep up with yours as well!
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Thank You for the writing on my wall... you were my first!! glad you were gentle. I think I fixed the comment thingy... im so NEW!
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hey... yeah... it's great that i'm back now... i'm planning to revamp my page.. haha... i suck at math.. big time...!!! see y'round... take care
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thanks for the comment! ^__^ how do i add u? lol
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hey thanks for reading my blog I don't exactly get a lot of people reading it because of the fact that it is pretty much an online diary of my life and well a very strange and screwed up life at that any way I hope you found it interesting and thanks for the comment.
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Love you 2, FF! The Caff-fiended One :)
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Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and post a comment. You made my day without even trying. I will be reading your entries too. Thanks for the support. E.
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Terri! Hm... How to pay tribute to the biggest fan of my blog... Yeah, that's right. Of any reader I have been able to identify thru StatCounter, you visit my blog the most. I do have a visitor whose server is located in Grass Valley, CA, who really reads my stuff a lot, but who he/she is? Beats me. I have labeled this visitor NightStalker, because let's face it, if this person is really located in California, he/she's up all night to read my blog. Oh well. Anyways, thanks for all your comments, and keep visiting! Cheers, Dutchboy
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Hello Terri, Thanks for the comment over under the confessions of a taxi ride. I almost switched it off after a few minutes also because the first fair was two odd girls. But once they got out and the show moved on the characters were no less odd but more likable,I suppose I'd say. Anyway it opened up old Dawnie's eyes lets say. Take care now. (((LOVE N' HUGS FROM DAWNIE))) XXX. ('.')
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