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Hey Heather, Your blog was disabled by my overzealous spam bot, but, (as you can see :)), I have re-enabled it. ... Just in case you want to come back here and post one day.
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on second thought...i'm going to keep this one unless i find a reason to change it.
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Hi Heather, I don't know if you remember me, probably don't. But thats ok. I was changing my E-Mail, and i saw my account for JournalHome was on there, so I went to check it out, im probably going to delete the name im using now, and my old original account HappyYetBrokenGirl, I cant get into :( oh well it would be nice to start fresh...I hope you respond but if you don't, I just wanted to thank you for all the advice you gave me years ago. Keeping you in my prays Heather! ~Meg
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G'day Heather, I'm just letting you know I'm back posting on my journal at JH. I have just popped in to say goodnight I'm going to bed now because I have a big day tomorrow. My Mum is 80 and we are having a little family get together and I have to make a pavlova. Take care my dear Cobber and stay safe. Nite nite with love & Hugs from Dawnie xxx
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Hey girl!! Been missing you too! My POS iMac took a strong and sudden dislike to JH so I moved, and now I have to do it again due to some things I'll explain when I get your email address. Can you email me here: ? I'll explain and give you the new blog url. Love you sweetie!! ~Shann
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Hello Heather, Where are you? I'm starting to worry about you and hope all is well. Take care where ever you are. I send LOVE N' HUGS FROM AFAR. God Bless from Dawnie XXXXXXX
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I wish to thank everyone that took time to come to my wall and post their kind and thoughtful comments to my wall, I love each and everyone of you with all my heart...sorry it took me a while to figure this wall thing out love to you all.... Sincerely, Heather
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Hi there, we haven't see you around for a while. I kind of miss your entries. Hope you are well. FFMG
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Hello there, How are you, I haven't been over here for a while. Just popped in to say g'day before I go to bed. LOVE N' HUGS FROM DAWNIE xxxx ('.')
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I agree with Dawnie. Heather passionately delves to the heart of political and womens' issues with thoroughness and clarity.
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G'day Heather, Just had to come and write on your wall. Hey everyone this journal is very informative. I like Heather's journal because it is colourful and full of interest. Love and (((Hugs))) from Dawnie. xxx :-)
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Anyway, i would like to meet You. Some private chat would be ockej. *contact me via mail if possible The front page could be much better. =) bye
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Just passing bye, i got here through Your profile. I'm curious how could You possibly have only 7 years. I am 22, or 21...i'm not to sure, heh, my friend says I'm 21, which is better, frankly, i think i'm much older than that. Anyway it's confusing sometimes, but simultaneously it makes me laugh. I suppose 7 is a sacred number, in some Dominiums which i don't use too much, i take it as granted, as it is. If I would chop everything in numbers and numbering there wouldn't be any sense of 7 anymore. Good Luck with 7 Krešo (Krešimir is my real name)
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About Heather ™
I have suspeneded my blog site
I may come back to it at a later date
I am sorry that my blogs and site were not appreciated and lacked participation
It just seems like my JH Colleagues have little interest in this format
I have to devote my time and energy where it is appreciated
It seems thats not the case here.
I wish JH and My Colleagues here well...Love and blessings to all

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This Clip Is From Youtube...Rarely shown on mainstream news

A delightful version of
the real warm loving Hillary,
not the "monster" media portrays

I am not Neocon or Republican, not "liberal but progressive"Rather, I like to say "progressive Independent" and independent of ideology, which really means: I think for myself.

My goal is to vanquish Neocons / Bush from this Land near and far...
To make women wake up, get angry, protest and act!
Aw come on . . . it shouldn't be that hard!......

About Me:

Orientation: ~ Straight

Hometown: ~ New York

Body Type: ~ 6'0" / Slim

Ethnicity: ~ Irish

Zodiac Sign: ~ Aquarian

Smoke/Drink: ~ Yes/No

Children: ~ One Daughgter I Cherish

Occupation: ~

Mom, Healer,Teacher & Work Force Goddess

My Favorite Things:

Shoes: ~ Charles Jordan High Heels

Activities: ~

Mountain Biking, Forest Nature Trails, Gourmet Cooking

Sports: ~ Tennis

People ~ Compassionate, Kind, Respectful

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farewell all

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