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Thank you for stopping by to visit "The Jagged Word". I find your site unique and interesting, since I am new...I will need to return again to read all of your post.
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Greetings, Thank you for your post concerning Thunderheart. It was nice to have you visit.
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yeah, this thime i hope to keep this one.
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Mm... another goth here. Sweet. (I'm more of a punk-goth than a true goth. lol)
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u r very cool man
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i have a blog site elsewhere at Which i can't handle this account and the account. So i am giving up my journal home account. So will delete my entire account over time. if you ever get sick of, see me over there. blessed be
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i thought that i drop in and say hi
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After thinking about it. i'll be staying here at journalhome. And give it a go, also i am staying to keep our friendship going. So can you please delete the previous comment in your wall. As i was panicking, thanks.
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i thought that i drop in to say hi, and to say i love the look of your site. Blessed be Raven
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rhx for the comment. Its appreciated
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Thank you for the advice.. :)
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Jeez, I had twenty of these since Friday. It's like an all-out spam attack or something.
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Write something, ok
Thanks for commenting on my blog about acceptance. Good luck hating everyone equally!
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Thanks for the welcome. I actually found this through a link of yours on the PPENN community ^_^
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Thank you for your good wishes, glad you have enjoyed my little nook
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hello silver wind i am very enlightened by the information you wrote up i have reLised that i am a nomber seven i thank you for that i seek PeAce in my life i seem to have alot in common with loki i meaN no diSreasect for saying thart for bad karma is tring to reighn in my house at the moment i am constantly fighting poscession and my mothers evil trickery im very withdrawan lately for i do not wish for people to fear me and there are embarassing gosiping going around through the in public wich is forcing out bad omens i am a rabbit although i have recently relized that i am a bit of everything as i also respect and are a part of everything look up on all gods thrying to draw good:) peace be with you and it was very nice to you i will upon you with hope
Thank you for your notes. Very kind. I did some wandering, a very lovely library you have created. What a beautifulsite.I do enjoy reading. You original work is quite beautiful. I will visit often. Nina
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Thank you
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This Blog is Great.. I will Be Back.
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For though All are not able to write books, all conceive themselves able to judge them. ~The Monk


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